1 Microsoft Go To www.bing.com

Need to Find 1 Microsoft Way? Use Bing! Why? Check This Out!

1 Microsoft Go To www.bing.com

If you need to find 1 Microsoft go to www.bing.com, why I recommend you to use Bing instead of other search engines? Let’s find out what the fuss is all about. I am sure that you already what Microsoft is? For those who do not know yet, Microsoft is an American multinational tech-giant founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. Microsoft headquarters is in Redmond Washington. It is best known for its software products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. It also has flagship hardware products such as Xbox and Microsoft Surface. Bing is also one of its products. Let’s discuss Bing before get into the main topic.

What is Bing?

First of all, let’s get to know Bing. It is the latest name for a web search engine owned by Microsoft. Bing is also operated by Microsoft. Previously, Microsoft owned MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. On May 28, 2009, at a conference in San Diego, California Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Live Search with Bing, their newest web search engine. Microsoft realized that it will be a branding problem, if they insist to use the word “live’ for their web search engine. Bing is perfect for a name for a web search engine according to Microsoft, because it is easy to spell, short, and people will find it easy to remember. Moreover, the name is perfect to be used as a URL. Bing was launched on June 3, 2009. 

Microsoft and Yahoo made a deal in 2009 that requires Yahoo to use Bing to power Yahoo! Search. However, this deal was changed in 2015 and Yahoo now only required to use Bing for a majority of searches. As of 2011, a new index-serving technology had been integrated into Bing. This new technology called “Tiger” allows Bing to deliver quicker and somewhat more relevant outcomes for users. In October 2018, Bing is the third-largest web search engine in the whole world. It comes third behind Google and Baidu. After you know the history of Bing when you need to find 1 Microsoft go to www.bing.com.

Try This Search Engine

Google has been the indisputable king and the leader of web search engines for years. Meanwhile, most people think that Bing is just another underdog web search engine. Do you know that the two are not that different? People often ignore the fact that Bing is as potent as Google does. I know that most of you are probably familiar with Google, but as a reminder, here is a brief history of Google.

Google is the most popular web search engine in the world. It is released around 1997 and still growing with its latest advancement and integration with other products. Currently, this American tech-giant also owned 64.5% of the United States of America’s search market share.

Previously, I said that if you need to find 1 Microsoft go to www.bing.com. Now let me show you Bing’s greatest strengths. First, Bing is so much better in giving flight cost prediction than Google. Bing will give you symbols indicating the chance for the price to fluctuate. These symbols help a lot. While it might not guarantee a cheaper price but it will help you decide the best time to buy a ticket. Second, the result of a video search shown by Bing is a little bit better than Google. Google may have YouTube but Bing able to show you more than three video search results.

Third, Bing is much more capable, precise, and relevant in finding online courses. While it cannot filter it down by topic, Bing will show you links that can direct you to the sites that you are looking for. The next of Bing’s strengths is its easier photo license search. While Google has the option to filter licensed images, the option is very hard to find. Meanwhile, Bing has this option to filter licensed images as a basic option. Last but not least, Bing gives rewards to people who use their web search engine. You can get movie tickets and gift cards for free just by using Bing.

Now that you know the benefits of using Bing if you want to find 1 Microsoft go to www.bing.com