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1 Microsoft Seattle Times

1 Microsoft Seattle Times

3 Great Places to Visit at 1 Microsoft Seattle Times Campus

The 1 Microsoft Seattle Times is the location for the headquarters of one of the biggest—if not the biggest—tech industries on earth. Microsoft has established its headquarters there for more than three decades. It has become Microsoft’s central hub to monitor and manage all of the company’s business operations around the world, but it has also become one of the hottest tourist destinations in Seattle for tech enthusiasts and visitors who want to know better about the corporation.

The sprawling Redmond campus has many special characteristics that make it a great destination. To start with, it is perhaps the biggest tech complex on earth. Unlike many other tech corporations—even including Apple, Microsoft’s biggest competitor—that generally have only a one-building head office, Microsoft campus consists of numerous facilities that consist not only of employees’ workplaces, but also recreation venues, shopping centers, and sports facilities.

Unfortunately, the majority of all facilities around the 1 Microsoft Seattle Times are closed to the public. Only employees with an entry badge or visitors escorted by a badged employee can access those places. Fortunately, there is a small portion of the complex that is open to the public. And even though this part is only one small part of Microsoft’s gigantic campus, it is where the most interesting things about Microsoft are located. By visiting this portion of the campus, you can practically know everything that a customer should understand about Microsoft.

There are three great locations to stop by if you ever visited 1 Microsoft Seattle Times campus.

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The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center is the main area for visitors and customers to get to know everything about Microsoft. If you visit this place, you will feel as if you are in the center of the Microsoft universe. You can learn about Microsoft’s history starting from how its founders imagined its creation, the current projects that Microsoft is undertaking, and the future projects that Microsoft teams envision and plan. It is where Microsoft’s past, present, and future blend in one location.

What can you do in this part of the 1 Microsoft Seattle Times campus? Because the purpose of the Visitor Center is to let visitors like you get fully acquainted with Microsoft, all activities that you can do there are intended to familiarize you with Microsoft as a company, an operating system maker, a software developer, and a gaming industry. You can join visual presentations about Microsoft, its visions, and its products; interact with Microsoft’s latest products, be they latest Windows OS editions, Microsoft’s coolest gadgets, and Xbox consoles and games; and join a tour that shows you the bigger picture of the corporation.

The Theater

Located just next to the Visitor Center is the Microsoft theater. This stage is a perfect place to watch the visual presentations of Microsoft’s products and ideas. This part of the 1 Microsoft Seattle Times campus is generally used to host product presentations and demonstrations, talk shows, training programs, and exhibitions. Don’t confuse the Theater in Microsoft Campus with Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The one that you can visit in Redmond is dedicated solely for the audio-visual presentations of anything that Microsoft releases and plans to release in the future.

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Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is an interesting place near the Visitor Center where you can buy Microsoft’s merchandise. Despite the similar name, the products sold in the Microsoft Store are very much different from the ones sold on Microsoft’s online store. The store is not the place to buy Microsoft’s latest gadgets and software applications, including the company’s prized Windows OS. It is a place to buy any memorabilia that become proof that you ever visited the 1 Microsoft Seattle Times campus.

Although you may not be able to buy Microsoft’s hardware and software products there, you can take your time to test out the latest of Microsoft’s products. Many things that you can find there are designed to be interactive to allow you to fully comprehend the features of all products that Microsoft ever released.

Your visit to Microsoft Store will conclude your exciting day of visiting Microsoft Campus. Don’t forget to explore other interesting places in Redmond because the lush and fresh atmosphere of Seattle makes all areas around and outside the 1 Microsoft Seattle Times campus great places to spend your holiday in.