1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30

6 Interesting Facts about the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 Campus

1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30

The Microsoft Campus at 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 is perhaps one of the biggest business compounds on earth. Unlike the headquarters of many other IT corporations, like Apple—Microsoft’s biggest competitor, which mostly consist of a large one-building complex, the Microsoft Campus is one sprawling gigantic compound that will easily make everyone who explores it lost. Besides its enormous size, there are actually many interesting facts about Microsoft Campus that you need to know. Six of them are listed below.

Microsoft Shares the Town of Redmond with Nintendo

A large portion of the southern part of the Town of Redmond belongs to Microsoft. The sprawling Microsoft buildings are scattered on both sides of the State Route 520 freeway, covering an area of 8 million square feet. However, at this hottest business spot in Washington, Microsoft is not the only occupant because Nintendo North America is also located at the same spot.

Only a Small Part Is Accessible to Public

Despite the enormous size of the compound, only one part of it, i.e. the visitor center, is accessible to the public. Of course, you can always explore all parts of the Microsoft Campus without fearing being stopped by security personnel, but you must have a clear purpose that you have talked over with Microsoft in order to access the remaining parts of the compound. Overall, the area around the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 is fairly open and accessible for everyone who has a certain purpose to explore it.

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It Is Not the First Microsoft’s Headquarters

The size of the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 complex may make you think that Microsoft must have been there since it was born. Well, the fact is that the Redmond campus is not the first Microsoft’s headquarters, it is its third. When Paul Allen and Bill Gates pioneered a microcomputer software business that would become an industry giant in the future, their first workshop was located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later, the company’s headquarters moved to Bellevue, Washington. Before this move, Microsoft had actually gone international by establishing an oversea office in Japan. Microsoft moved from Bellevue to its today’s headquarters in Redmond in 1986, approximately one year after it released the first version of its famous Windows OS.

Recreational Spaces are Plentiful.

The entire business compound around the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 consists not only of cold and depressing office buildings. Recreational spaces are plentiful and they are reserved mostly for employees to allow them to take the necessary break, to find inspirations, to maintain positive and optimistic mood, and ultimately to improve their productivity. Visitors can also find some great spots to make their time enjoyable while visiting this compound. 

Visitors Can Enjoy Full Customer Experience.

Although there are only a handful of places in the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 complex that is open to the public, those places offer everything that you can expect as a customer. The visitor center allows you to see the bigger picture of the company. You can learn about its past, present, and future and all achievements and milestones that the company has passed. If you want to focus more on the products, the nearby theater allows you to watch and join in video presentation events, product demonstrations, visual tours, and workshops and training. If watching is not enough and you want to interact directly with Microsoft products, you can visit the store, which is located across the visitor center. Here you can try various Microsoft products, such as Surface and Xbox, and buy Microsoft’s merchandise with Microsoft logo on it.

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One of the Most Artistic Tech-Based Workplaces

The Microsoft Campus is perhaps one of the most artistic tech-based workplaces on earth. When you visit the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond 25 30 complex, you can observe a huge selection of artworks, including priceless paintings, photographs, sculptures, ceramics, glasswork, and multimedia arts, scattered in all corners of the complex. Bill Gates and people around him are known to be art lovers. Therefore, it is quite normal that even in the sleekest visitor center in the complex, you can always see rich elements of traditional and modern arts there. If you want to see how arts blend with technologies, make a plan to visit the campus.