1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle

A Short Tour to 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle is a well-known complex. Stretching out for over 8 million square feet in Redmond, the complex has been a home for over 40,000 employees. Your answer is right if you think it is an office. However, lots of people refer to the buildings in a suburb area of Seattle as Microsoft campus.

Microsoft campus does not achieve its name without any reason. Unlike most offices where the atmosphere is set as a working place, Microsoft campus tends to be homier. In its complex, you can find parks, gardens, and other interesting spots to visit. Additionally, just like a campus, it also has sports facilities such as the soccer field, canteen, and health clinic. Going to the office will never be as good as stepping your feet to Microsoft campus.

The campus complex contains some buildings in it. The buildings are numbered differently from 1 to 99. Certain buildings on the campus are available for the public. Meanwhile, some others are restricted merely to some executive people of Microsoft. Are you curious about some fabulous places on this campus? Sit back and relax. This page will take you to a short tour visiting this dreamland office. Check the information down below. 

The Visitor Center

You can call this place a Microsoft museum. Just like its name, this spot in 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle lets you witness Microsoft’s development from time to time. You can plunge yourselves into the past, the present, and the future era of Microsoft.

This area is completed with props showing you the old times of Microsoft. Some old photos tell how the beginning of the giant company begins. Additionally, you can also see a typewriter labeled with Microsoft’s name on it. It is as if this classic tool shows you how fast the change happens in human life. During that changing, Microsoft takes part in it.

In the Visitor Center, you can have a self-guided tour, taking your steps around the stories of Microsoft. Not only you can witness the starting journey of the company, but you can also interact with recent technology developed by Microsoft. Displays and presentations of the latest technology are also available for you in this museum, including the newest Xbox games. A not-so-old place for an area called the museum, right? 

The Theater

If you are interested in exploring deeper about Microsoft products, visit its Theatre. It is an area for new products’ demonstration. The Theatre will have your eyes be spoiled with visual presentations. Furthermore, this area also allows you to have software training once you are interested in the issue. You can have both private groups and tours to go to this Theatre.

The Store

Aiming to test the latest Microsoft product? The Store is the perfect place to do it. Its interactive display will steal your attention. This area can also steal the money inside your wallet! Its Microsoft swag will tease you so hard to spend your money on it. They sell the merchandise where you cannot find in other places. 

The Laboratories

As an IT company that keeps growing, Microsoft surely provides a laboratory to fully develop its products. The ‘Crazy Scientist’ Laboratories are places for the scientists in Microsoft to create masterpieces for the company. Brilliant, out-of-the-box products are born here. One of the laboratories is named Edison Lab.

Unfortunately, these magic places are not open to the public. You can just wander around but are not allowed to come inside the labs. Somehow, there will be a guide who will explain the function of products they are working on in the lab. 

The Cybercrime Center

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle is also armed with cybercrime center. This area looks like a futuristic laboratory. The room is designed with glass walls as well as screens on its sides. Corporate policies and agents stay here to handle cybercrimes. Microsoft staff also stand by in this area to observe the hijacking possibilities of their software products. 

Microsoft offers not only fabulous products. It also provides a gorgeous environment for its employees and customers as well. Even though some areas are not open for the public, yet there remain some interesting places that the public can visit freely. 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Seattle indeed has its charm for people to take even a short tour on it.