1 Microsoft Way Redmond Wa – Washington

5 Reasons to Visit 1 Microsoft Way Redmond WA

1 Microsoft Way Redmond Wa - Washington

The Microsoft Campus at 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, is a sprawling business complex that becomes the heart of the multinational tech company. It is where approximately 40,000 of Microsoft’s employees work and enjoy all facilities and entertainments that are provided to them. For visitors, there are also some great places to visit in this complex. If you are curious about whether to visit this place, there are 5 reasons why visiting the Microsoft Campus is a truly interesting experience.

It is a business place with great variation.

Don’t think of the Microsoft Campus at 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, as a cold and monotonous business place that consists only of office buildings. Microsoft’s Redmond campus is a vibrant place with so many great things to enjoy. There are places that are reserved for visitors and there are also places that are available only for employees. Even the facilities that are designed only for employees can barely be called monotonous because they consist not only of workplaces, but also shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational spaces. The Microsoft Campus is so vibrant that visiting Redmond without including it in your itinerary would be a big traveling mistake.

You can practically reach most of them – 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Wa – Washington

The Microsoft Campus is indeed so varied that visiting it would be an exciting experience, but why should you visit it if a large portion of it is only accessible to employees? The campus indeed reserves only a small portion of it, i.e. the visitor center, the Microsoft Store, and a small number of nearby facilities, to public. The rest of the complex is accessible only to employees because it requires badge-in. This, unfortunately, includes the most interesting parts of the complex, including the Commons, most recreational spaces, and the place where you can buy Microsoft’s hardware and software. The Microsoft Store that is open to public sells only t-shirts and other types of Microsoft’s merchandise with Microsoft logo on them.

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The only place that you can visit as a public visitor is thus the visitor center and nearby buildings; however, this doesn’t mean that you can gain access to the most of the remaining parts of the Microsoft Campus. Although the rest of the campus is accessible only to employees who have a badge, you can actually visit it as an escorted visitor. If you make an appointment before visiting the 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, campus, you can get someone to escort you to virtually all parts of the complex, with the exception of some restricted places that should not be accessed by public visitors. If you plan to visit the campus and you want to explore all the interesting spots in it, be sure to make an appointment and to explain the purpose of your visit first.

You can learn everything about Microsoft there.

The visitor center is designed to be a truly informative and intuitive place for visitors to learn about Microsoft. It acts as a small museum where you can find out everything that you want to know about this multinational company. You can learn about its past and observe the relics of its past projects, you can get information about the most recent projects that Microsoft carry out, and you can see the visions and achievements that Microsoft tries to accomplish in the future. When you visit 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, you can understand in a brief possible way something that only a history book can accomplish.

It is the best place to discover Microsoft’s latest inventions.

Microsoft strives to release its newest products as early as possible; however, if you want to be the earliest to know about them, visit the campus. Here you can get to know everything about Microsoft’s newest inventions, ranging from the latest Xbox games and consoles to more complicated projects like Project Premonition and the submerged datacenter technology called Project Natick.

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Microsoft Campus is one of the greenest tech facilities.

Lastly, you want to visit the Microsoft Campus at 1 Microsoft Way Redmond, WA, because of its green and lush environment. There are many green spaces around the complex. Two factors encourage Microsoft to establish such a green business complex. The first is the local regulation that requires Microsoft to do so and the second is Microsoft’s attempt to make its business place unified with nature as much as possible.