100 Disk Usage Windows 10 Reddit

100 Disk Usage Windows 10 Reddit

How to fix 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit?

Have you ever faced the 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit? You can see this problem in the task manager in the tab of process and performance. The disk of utilization gets 100% and it is not a responsive system. If the system is 100% that means the use of disk already maximized and the performance will decrease. This problem relates to lagging windows 10 in computer or laptop. The reason why your computer runs slowly is because of 100% disk usage after you upgrade the windows 10.

Do not worry, there are 7 tips to fix a 100 disk usage in your laptop:

Tips #1: Restart the system of your computer or laptop 

Unconscious, if you restart the system of laptop and computer you can solve several problems. It can happen in windows 10. If your disk reaches 100 usages, you should try these tips. After you open your computer again, you check the disk. If it is still 100 disk usage, you can try other tips to resolve the problem.

Tips #2 try to inactive windows search 

Windows search has a function to find the document or file quickly. Windows generally detect all files that can make the performance of your laptop too bad. You have to disable the windows search by following those steps. You find the command prompt through press windows + R. there is a dialogue box and type net.exe stop windows search or you can right-click and choose properties menu.

Tips #3: change energy to high 

Another solution to fix the 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit is you should change the energy to high performance. The step to change it, firstly you find the power option then choose to reset the change plan settings and the last you select the high performance.

Tips #4: upgrade the windows 

If you update the windows or reinstall the windows is generally to solve or fix the problem, one of them is to optimize the disk usage and check the update and security to know the latest updates. How to install, you find the settings menu and click the update & security settings. Then you click the windows update.

Tips #5: detect the malware or virus 

Usually, the computer or laptop can be up to 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit, caused by malware or virus. If you have antivirus, you should check it. It can help you to detect the malicious software in your computer or laptop.

Tips #6: inactive the superfetch 

Superfect sometimes can help the windows to be faster. If you do not need sleep mode anytime, you can turn off the superfetch of your windows. You need to press Windows + R to enter the command prompt. Write the net.exe.stop superfetch. After doing this step, you check the task manager to know if 100 disk usage still showed or not. If it is still shown, you can try the next tips.

Tips #7: using the checkdisk 

Perhaps, this solution can help you to reduce the performance of the windows. The 100 disk usage can solve or fix by checkdisk command. You need to enter command prompt box by pressing Windows + R. then type chkdsk.exe/f/r if you already in command prompt. To confirm it then you need to write “y” without the quotes and press enter. The system automatically will check your computer or laptop.

Tips #8: change the setting of virtual memory on windows 10 

To solve the problem of 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit, you need to replace the set of virtual memory in your windows. Virtual memory refers to the disk that related RAM. If there is an error in virtual memory especially in the pagefile.sys, it is one of the causes that make q00 disk usage. To solve it, you can follow the instructions here, you need to find the properties and find advanced system setting. Click the setting and choose the advance and change menu. The title of the dialogue box is automatically manage paging file size. You have to checklist it and click OK. Then your computer will reboot to develop your performance system, especially in 100 disk usage.

If all those tips above cannot fix or solve your problem of 100 disk usage windows 10 reddit, you need to change the hard drive. You need to fix this issue of your computer or laptop because it will be too slow on a performance system.