6 Tips to Use Bing Translate 143 305 70 Effectively

143 305 70

143 305 70 , although the meaning has not known yet, is related to Bing search engine or Microsoft Corporation, in general. Yes, Bing is a search engine product released by the giant company of technology. Unfortunately, even after it has provided many interesting features, Bing is still behind Google in terms of users and popularity. 

If you have a chance, it is highly recommended to use Bing. One of the features available is Bing Translate. It is basically quite easy to use. All you need to do is just typing or copying-pasting the words or even phrases on the bar available. The translation result is also great. Thanks to the sophisticated artificial intelligence applied here for helping the users more. Meanwhile, there are some tips to use Bing Translate more effectively. Particularly, it is if you want to translate articles directly from the Microsoft documents. Here they are the steps.

Open the Program

Bing Translate 143 305 70 First of all, please open the translating engine directly from Microsoft. It is available in the menu bar. You can click an icon located in the left corner of the document. When it is successful, a bar appears. It is the bar of Bing Translate engine anyway. Undeniably, there are some cases where the link to the engine cannot function optimally. So, you can go back to the document and try it some more until it works.

Choose the Language

After getting into the bar, it is time to choose the language. There are language areas located on the upper parts of the bar. After clicking the arrows provided, select original and destination languages. For example, if you want to translate sentences from English to Mandarin, it means that the original language is English. On the other hand, Mandarin is the destination.

Type or Copying-Pasting Sentences

So, have you prepared sentences to translate? If yes, it is good. All you need to do is typing or copying-pasting it. Sure, the copying-pasting method is more effective mainly if the sentences or articles are too long. if the sentences have been available in the documents and you are going to the engine through the document, they are automatically typed in the bar.

Click the “Translate” Button

Finally, you can just click the translate button. Only in a few seconds, you can see the Mandarin translation of the English sentences or articles you have typed before. If you want to change the languages, you can go to the language option just like what you have done before. Besides, the arrows symbol located between two language bars enable you to shift language. Well, if you just want to translate from Mandarin to English, the button is what you need to click.

Is the translation result accurate?

In general, the accuracy of translation engines, whatever they are, cannot be said 100% accurate. So, it is wrong to say that Bing Translate is lower than Google Translate in terms of quality. Both are just the same but as it has been mentioned in the first paragraph, Bing Translate is only less popular.

There must be some words that cannot translate well due to some factors. A particular language must be richer than another one. Besides, language is definitely closely related to the cultures making the senses sometimes feel different also. There are also problems like synonyms and the same words with a different meaning.

Solutions to Improve Accuracy

The best way to translate from one language to another using a translation engine is doing it per-phrase. Yes, it is not per-word or per-sentence but per-phrase is more accurate mainly if you want to translate them from or to English. In case you have mastered the destination language, you only need to arrange them together into a whole sentence.

However, the method above is only effective if the sentences or articles are short. For the long ones, you can translate the entire article first. Then, try to check them by reading the sentences carefully. If there are words that don’t meet the context, you can translate them to see the alternative translation. Replace the existing words with the new ones. Sure, you must use your senses to feel whether the sentences sound good or not. This is how you should use Bing Translate 143 305 70 anyway.