25 30 Seattle

The best 25 30 Seattle events things to do

25 30 Seattle

When you visit Seattle, then do not let these 25 30 Seattle events that interesting to visit while you are in Seattle. Whether you visit the free events or paid, there is always a chance to join events while you in Seattle since there is an annual festival that you can enjoy. Here are some of the gorgeous events that you can join when you in Seattle. 

TEDx is a local self-organized event where people are sharing their experience. In TEDx events, people are talking from video and live speakers to discuss deep and connected in a small group. This is independently organized TED event. In 2019, TEDx Seattle standard event is held on November 2019. If you are interested to join, then register yourself to join the event. 

Seattle Times events to visit 

There are several interesting Seattle times events that you may want to see when visiting Seattle city. You can check for the schedule from the Seattle Times Events. Seattle Art fair featured with more than 100 galleries around the world. Seattle art fair established since 2015 and founded by Paul Allen. There are modern and contemporary art represents in this art festival. Ticket prices are ranges from $10 for student and $150 for a premium package that includes a pass for the opening and night preview, the entire weekend and also access to VIP service. You can check to local galleries, museums and also a cultural institution to check as many of them offer discount tickets to the festival.

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Next events that you can come are Seattle Times Media Solution Lunch and Learn. This is an event where you can join with free and invest your time to add knowledge and learn to focus on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and others and learn the engagement and conversions practice. This is a perfect event for the entrepreneur and business owner. With this event, you can learn to latest trends, how to boost your business and brand, and also stay tuned with your customer. The Seattle Times Media Solution is an event that held full-service digital agency that specific in help business to develop their media plans to gains consumer from a different platform. 

While you in Seattle and want to explore beyond the art fair, and then several cultural communities can help you with the spotlight offerings from Seattle events. 

While you in Seattle, taking a walk can be a great way to explore this city. There are several places in Seattle that you can explore with walk tour, The Seattle area, and home for gigantic company Amazon and Microsoft is headquarters in Seattle and they have public space that you can visit while you are in Seattle. Microsoft headquarters in Seattle is addressed in 1 Microsoft way. This is an area with 502 acres land and 125 buildings spread in the west and east side. There is public space that also known as Microsoft Vision center that offers an interactive self-guided tour where you can get deeper knowledge on technology from Microsoft.

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You also can check for unique free tours in Seattle such as Olympic Sculpture park Seattle. This event held and presents world-class sculpture. In this park, you will explore the park design, explore the works of arts and much more. The Park is open every day and free and closes 30 minutes before the sunset day. While you in Seattle Center you may visit at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is a foundation that establishes by Microsoft founder that tackle the critical problems in health, human development due to poverty and hunger, and education.

If you spend an end-year holiday in Seattle, then you might be interested to join the Seattle marathon. This is the biggest marathon that held annually and 2019 will be the 50th anniversary from the event. There will be around 15.000 runners will participate in the marathon. Before that, in September you can join Fremont Oktoberfest, the celebration for the largest beer festival in Seattle. In this festival, you can taste more than 100 German and local beer. Before you go to Seattle, always check for the calendar event that held when you arrived in Seattle and plan how you will spend your holiday when in Seattle.