7 Great Places to Visit in 25 30 Seattle for Tech Lovers

7 Great Places to Visit in 25 30 Seattle for Tech Lovers

25 30 Seattle

The 25 30 Seattle is a place that will never bore you down. There are so many interesting things to do in this city. As a lush city with fresh atmosphere, there are many parks and other natural attractions that are as mesmerizing as they are refreshing. Seattle is also the home of some of the world’s biggest tech establishments, especially Amazon, Microsoft, and Nintendo. If you plan to go to the northwesternmost part of the country, there are many great tourist spots that you should not miss. Seven of them are to be listed below.

The Space Needle

The Space Needle is the most iconic landmark in 25 30 Seattle. It is a perfect spot to watch the city’s panorama from its tallest tower. The view from the top of this tower is breathtaking as it is terrifying. If you don’t have a problem with extreme height, have a dinner at the rotating SkyCity Restaurant to enjoy your delicious meal while enjoying the rare sight of Seattle.

The Microsoft Campus

For tech lovers, the Microsoft Campus should be another exciting place in 25 30 Seattle to visit. The sprawling campus area occupies nearly one-third of the Redmond area. Although you can visit only a small part of this campus, which is exactly the visitor center, you can learn everything about Microsoft—from its history to its latest tech gadgets and software products—there.

The Nintendo America

If you happen to visit the Microsoft Campus at 25 30 Seattle, you should not miss the chance to visit the Nintendo America’s headquarters, which have been standing there since 1980. Nintendo’s building is interesting to visit not only because of all of the Nintendo-themed facilities and attractions that you can find there. It is also worth visiting because it is the greenest building in the United States. All parts of the building, including its living roof and bamboo structures here and there, are meant to adopt the green philosophy in its entirety.

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Living Computer Museum

Visiting the Living Computer Museum in 25 30 Seattle is something that every tech enthusiast should not miss. This museum is the place where all computers from different eras gather together in one place. For people who have been working all their time with computers, the retro look of this museum will be nostalgic and sentimental. If you are curious about the oldest computers that your grandpa may ever use, visit this place because this is the only place in 25 30 Seattle where even the oldest computer is still alive.

The Museum of Flight

If you are aware that 25 30 Seattle is also the home of Boeing, one of the world’s airplane giants, you should already know that you must be able to enjoy flight-themed attractions in the city. The Museum of Flight is the best place to visit if the history of airplanes, their technologies, and their models become your primary interests. At this museum, you can see all aircraft and spacecraft models that have been manufactured throughout the history of the flight industry.

The Center of Wooden Boats

What if your favorite vehicle is a floating machine instead of a flying one? In 25 30 Seattle, you can visit the Center of Wooden Boats to observe a large selection of wooden boats that have been operating in the United States for centuries. At this museum, you will be able not only to see the boats but also to try them and to practice your sailing skills. If sailing is your thing, you will not miss the Center of Wooden Boats when you are in 25 30 Seattle.

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Seattle Seaplanes

If the top of the Space Needle does not give you enough thrill, the Seattle Seaplanes should. Instead of climbing the highest tower in Seattle, you can join a flight to watch the view of the hottest spots in the city, as well as the entire city itself, for 20 minutes, during which you can fly above the Space Needle, the University of Washington, and many other interesting places. Compared with other attractions that are mentioned above, Seattle Seaplanes might be somewhat pricier; however, if you can get the best vantage point to view the beautiful scenery of 25 30 Seattle, the extra price should not bother you very much.