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Git and the Features to Help Developers More

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3ca 20style 22xss expression alert 501337 22 20/3e is one of the codes you may often find when opening platforms like Facebook or even Google. What is the code actually? It is a code related to GitHub. GitHub itself is a platform commonly used by programmers to do their projects as well as collaborated with each other. 

Inside GitHub, there is an item namely Git. Git is a version control system used by developers to develop software together. The main function of Git is to set up the version of the source code of your program. How is it? It is by putting the sign and code that can be added and changed.

Git itself is really beneficial as it helps programmers to know the change of their source codes. Sure, it is easier than creating a new file like Program.java, and more. With Git, you don’t need to worry about the code you do will be clashed with each other.

Of course, each developer can make a branch as the workspace. Sure, there are many other cool features. One of them is to comment on the source code that has been added or changed. Helping and supporting each other among the developers are not difficult for sure. Git has some great features making it look better than other similar programs. What are they?

Distributed Version Control System

Git itself is known as its function as the version control system. but more than that, the platform is functioned as the distributed version control system. to make it work this way, Git applies the peer-to-peer approach. It is different from other platforms that apply the client-server model.

Branch Codes

Git enables the developers to have their own branch and codes that are really independent and massive. You can create, delete, and combine the branches so that they can work more effectively. When the branches are combined, the process of doing a project can be faster, smoother, and the errors can be diminished.

Atomic Operation System

In Git, all the operating system is atomic. It means that an action can be completely done well or completely failed. In fact, this characteristic is very important to avoid any incomplete operation related to the repository. When the operation is incomplete, the repository tends to be not stable and your project is the one that has failed.

Cryptographic Integrity

Git uses modern data that ensures the cryptographic integrity to be applied in the repository. Every time a file is added or committed, there is a new checksum that is created. This way, the operation is possible to be retrieved as well through the checksum available.

Index or Staging Area

Another interesting feature in Git is the staging area or index. With the staging area, the developer is able to format the commit and make it more reviewable before it is really applied. Git itself is very simple in terms of usage. To start it, you can create the repository first or check out once which is available. Aside from that, there is also a command to create a copy of the local repository for users. 

How to Use Git

Of course, you need to install Git first in your computer before starting to use it. Interestingly, installing Git on Windows or Mac is really easy. You only need to download and run the installation. You can follow the instructions below to install this platform.

First of all, open the official website of Git and find the software. Download also the installer of Git whether it is for Windows or Mac. It depends on your operating system for sure.

Second, after the installer has been downloaded, open the file to run the installation process. You may follow all the instructions. Click Next and Finish until the process is done.

Particularly to install Git in Mac, the ways are more various. Even if you are lucky, the Git may have been installed on the computer automatically. It is mainly if you have installed the Xcode app before. After the software has been installed, you can just run it and use it to do and finish all your projects.


Git is a very important platform for programmers and developers. It enables you to do and finish your projects faster and easier. Codes like 3ca 20style 22xss expression alert 501337 22 20/3e are can be decoded more simply.