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The 3cbody 20onload ‘javascript alert 501337 ‘ 3e 3c/body 3e is an example of HTML attribute. The HTML: attribute onload event is the attribute that works when an object has loaded. The attribute can use mostly with the <body> element for executing a script. This also can be used as well with other elements, including JavaScript. The attributes are also associated with a lot of HTML document. JavaScript has three types of popup boxes that are prompt box; confirm box and alert box. 

The onload event 

The onload event is a condition that occurs when an object has been loaded. The onload event mostly comes and used with an element of “body” to execute a script once after a web page has completely loaded the entire of contents ( these include the CSS files, script files, images, text, etc). The onload event can use to check the browser type and version from the web visitor which will lead the proper web page to depend on the information that has been recognized. The onload event is sometimes able to used together with cookies. 

The onload event browser support 

The onload event is available for several search engines to include google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, opera mini, and safari. 


For the onload event, it has different syntax depending on the type of document and website. For HTML it have syntax of <element onload>=”myscript>. When using in JavaScript it has syntax object.onload=function (){myScript}. When using JavaScript with addEvent listener () method that the syntax will become an object.addeventlisterner(“load”, myscript). The example of 3cbody 20onload ‘javascript alert 501337 ‘ 3e 3c/body 3e is a modification of onload event with javascript alert. 

JavaScript alert box 

JavaScript alert box is a type of popup box that often used when you need to ensure the information comes to the user as well. When the alert box pops up, the users will need to click “OK” and start the process. The syntax of the alert box is a window.alert(“sometext”. The phrase “ window.alert() “ method can write with or without prefix. 

The confirm box 

The JavaScript confirm box is a type of box that used when you want using for verifying or accept things you send. When the confirm box popup, then your user will need to click “OK” or “cancel” and the applications will start to proceed. When the user chooses to clicks “OK” and then the box will return true. When the user chooses to clicks “Cancel” then the box returns false. The syntax from the confirm box is a window.confirm(“sometext”). The window confirms method can be written with or without the window prefix. For example 

The prompt box 

That prompt box is the type of popup box that is used when you want your user for input the value before you enter the page. When the prompt box is popup then the user will have to click “OK” or to click “Cancel” to proceeding to next after entering the value. The syntax from the prompt box is a window.prompt(“sometext”). 

Differences between document load and body onload 

The onload event is the standard event in the DOM, on another side; the ready event is the specific JQuery. The key differences between the document.ready with window load event that the code that included inside of onload function will run once to the entire pages(this includes iframes, images, stylesheets, etc) and loaded is whereas the document ready event fires before the entire images, iframes, and others are loaded but after the entire DOM is ready. 

Is it hard to learn JavaScript? 

Learn JavaScript can be something that easier compare with another programming language. JavaScript is quite the same as other several program languages. The JavaScript programming language takes the benefit of supporting the language and built to the web browser. This means when you need to test your program as you write them in a browser then the web browser will run the code in. if you have created your JavaScript program then you will no need to install the server environment, upload the files into other server or compile the code. With this benefit, then JavaScript is the perfect option for the first programming language. Try to make your onload event and analyze the script such as the 3cbody 20onload ‘javascript alert 501337 ‘ 3e 3c/body 3e script.