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Things to Know about GitHub and a Unique Code in It

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What is a style xss expression alert 501337 / 20style 22xss expression alert 501337 22 20/ 3e? The code sounds weird indeed. But if you have been experienced enough in the area of website or coding, it must be quite familiar. The code is often associated with GitHub. GitHub is a project management and a versioning code system that is also functioned as a social media platform. It is designed for developers.

In general, the platform enables you to cooperate with clients and fellow developers from all around the world and plan a particular project. Interestingly, GitHub can also track the development of your project more easily. For its success to help many people to collaborate with their projects, it is not exaggerating to say that GitHub is one of the biggest online storehouses in the world.

Git of GitHub

It sounds strange indeed. How can there is another term named Git within GitHub. Well, Git and GitHub are related to each other. Git is known as the core or heart of GitHub. It is the version control system developed by a company; Linus Torvalds. As additional information, Linus Torvalds is the company that designs and develops Linux also. 

Version Controlling System

It is said above that GitHub is a platform of project management dealing with the version controlling system. So, what does actually the system refer to? When a developer creates his new project, he will always continuously upgrade it. It is through the system codes for sure. As you see in your apps in Smartphone or PC, they must always be upgraded in a certain period of time, mustn’t they?

Of course, they must be upgraded. Despite to renew the version, the app needs to add some new features to compete well to others. Bugs and other problems must be fixed also to let the customers use the product better.

The version control system helps the developers to track the changes that they have done toward the basic code. More than that, it reports also who have made the changes and restores the codes that have been deleted or modified. Git can do all of them because the system stores numerous copies of codes in the repository so that the codes will not be piled up.

Hub of GitHub

After talking about Git in the previous point, now, it is time to explain what Hub is. If Git is the heart or the core of the platform, Hub is the soul. The system of Hub in GitHub is functioned to change the command line to form it into a network of social media for the developers.

With the Hub feature also, GitHub also enables the users to communicate to other people with the same vision and mission. You can follow them and take a look at the projects they want to do. Sure, you can even find out other people who are connected to them.


Talking about GitHub, it means that the repository needs also to be mentioned. It is a feature of the directory to save the project files. In the storage, you can basically save anything that is related to the project. It is including the code files, pictures, and audio. It is placed in the official storage of GitHub. Meanwhile, you can also place it in the local repository of your PC or other devices.

Forking Repository

After repository, there is one more term you need to acknowledge, dealing with GitHub. It is Forking Repository. Forking Repository means, you create a new project based on the available repository. In other words, this feature enables you to copy the existing repository and to make some changes that are needed. Then, you can save this newest version as a new repository as your own new project.

The feature repairs and improves the project development that you will do. Because the project is still new, there will be no further changes in the central repository. Meanwhile, if there are some changes applied, they can be simply seen in your current forking.

Interestingly, GitHub can be used by anyone, even if you are not a developer although indeed, it is initially intended for developers. This is the explanation of a style xss expression alert 501337 / 20style 22xss expression alert 501337 22 20/ 3e.