Abcdefghijklmn Words And Kind Of Programming Language


The programming language is a teaching standard used to control computers. Often referred to as computer language or computer programming language. The programming language can also be said as a tool to display a set of syntax and semantic rules that are used to support a program that is on a computer. You will use abcdefghijklmn words to create programming language.

Understanding Programming Languages

Programming Language is an instruction to set the computer so that it can perform certain functions, but only applies standards. As I have discussed here, a programming language is a set of syntax and semantic rules whose task is to be approved by a computer program. Anyone who can choose which language to save or forward, which data will be processed, and what steps should be taken in various purposes.

The function of Programming Languages

The function of the programming language is to make the computer be able to process data according to what we want. So, it can be given in our hands. The output of the programming language can be in the form of special applications or programs, for example, such as traffic lights. Between the red, yellow and green lights have different sequences and time intervals, so the drivers know when to stop and when to walk. Programming languages have several levels that you should know before you get to know more about programming languages.

Low-Level Language

Low-level language is a language that is still far from human language, difficult to understand. The language that comes into this level is Assembly Language.

High-level language

A high-level language is a language that is close to human language, easy to understand. Languages that enter into this level are Pascal, Basic, PHP, and Java.

Intermediate Level Language

Intermediate level language is a combination of high and low-level languages, the language is neither difficult nor easy for humans to understand.

Java script

Java Script is the easiest programming language to master. The function of javascript in a website or application is to add interactive features, it is also useful for validating data or forms to be applied to the development of a game. Learning javascript is a very suitable choice for a beginner.


PHP is a Programming Language that must be learned if your webpage appears dynamically. Learning PHP will be very useful for web site owners because PHP can duplicate the code on the page so it can be accommodated into a set of rules. So we will not be complicated if we understand about PHP when in need can call them whenever you want but the language still use abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz words in it.


Although many people assume that HTML or CSS is not part of the programming language, it is very necessary for those of you who are new to creating a website. Learning HTML is the main door for those of you who are confused to start learning programming languages.

C ++

For those of you who want to know more about programming languages, maybe you can try to learn C ++ language. C ++ can be said to be an intermediate-level language, so it won’t be too easy or too difficult. The advantage of learning C ++ is to make it easier for other C languages like C and C # languages.

At present there is a tendency for vendors of programming languages to lead programmers only by using their products to create programs even though we realize that it is difficult to create a strong program with only one programming language, this is certainly done with the aim of sustaining their business, but apart from all of that there are two big conceptions in this period where the ease of visual-based has begun to be led to the internet and mobile base, with the emergence of web services and net-based and a mobile platform.

The first concept to be observed is Microsoft’s conception where Visual Net will provide various programming languages such as VB Net, VC ++ Net, ASP NET which is compiled with various languages but runs on one operating system, namely Windows. (Compile any program run one system) The second Conception, This concept is reversed from the first concept, namely what Sun Microsystems offers through its Java, J2ME, JDK products, which are compiled with one programming language (java) and runs in many operating systems. (Compile one program running any system) In addition, this period is also the era of CMS (Content Management System), a leap in PHP Script development so fast, where to create websites or portals there are already many templates available, many modules are ready to use so programmers or webmasters no longer need to learn all the HTML scripts and language, just assembling the available modules so that within a few days a web can be made. What is offered by Mambo, PhkNuke and Joomla are currently very easy for web designers.

The development of programming languages has experienced many developments, from being limited to creating programs for computer companies only to commercial purposes, and as a result, many vendors who want to create applications must create them with various programming languages, not just one but diverse. There are various kinds of programming languages, you will find abcdefghijklmn in your study and all programming languages have their advantages and disadvantages.