Best 1 Microsoft Way Redmond restaurants Near Me

Best 1 Microsoft Way Redmondrestaurants Near Me

Best 1 Microsoft Way Redmond Restaurants near Me

Best 1 Microsoft Way Redmondrestaurants Near Me – What do you think about visiting a giant technology company like Microsoft? Well, you may want to see the buildings or probably prototype of new products to launch in the future. Besides, you may also wish to meet the founder of this company, Bill Gates and his fellows.

But do you know that Microsoft Campus in Redmond also has many restaurants around? The restaurants are even well-known not only for the delicacy but also fancy places. So, what are the best restaurants in Microsoft Way Redmond that you should go for? Check them out.


Boardwalk Restaurant is located in the Northeast 40th Street in Redmond, not far from the main building complex of Microsoft. Based on the customers’ reviews, most of them even give it Excellent rating. The menu is various including burgers, BBQ, and many more. There are also unique variants of beverages that you should taste also. the most favorite food in this restaurant is the burger indeed. Not to forget, the service is satisfying as well as the place is comfortable.

Pike Place at the Commons

After having a tour in the company, you can also go to this restaurant that located only around 0.2 miles from the Microsoft Visitor Center. It provides meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Interestingly, the menu is not the only reason why people visit it. the place is beautiful along with the landscape around. Slightly, it feels that you are not in the technology area like Microsoft. Well, it is even possible to spend some hours there to see the beautiful garden full of fresh flowers. Sure, you can also enjoy friendly services there as well.

Bai Tong

If you just want to feel the taste of Asia near the main office of Microsoft, Bai Tong is the best restaurant to visit for the next. Yes, this restaurant provides numerous menu variants from Thailand and Asia, in general. The foods and beverages are including Kao Soi, Crab Wontons, Sweet and Sour Fish, Pad Thai, and many more. Some types of menu are intended for vegetarians. So, you should not worry if the delicious foods here disturb your healthy lifestyle.

Acacia Teriyaki

Bai Tong is not the only Asian restaurant near Microsoft Redmond that is worth to visit. There is also Acacia Teriyaki, the specialist of Japanese foods. The restaurant is quite simple without too many ornaments just like other restaurants in this area. However, it is definitely a perfect place to enjoy great Japanese tastes. Not only is it Teriyaki, but there are also various foods from fishes to offer there. So, you should not miss this one out.

Maxwella Cafe and Bar

Do you want to spend your time in a cafe and bar along with your friends? Well, if you are in the area of Microsoft, Maxwella Cafe and Bar is a great choice. The location that is quite near to the visitors’ center of Microsoft makes it a perfect choice to relax after the tour. Enjoy foods and beverages like Brussels’ sprouts, curried mussels, truffle fries, salmon sliders, white wine, and more. You should not worry; you can spend your time here as much as you want since the place itself is very cozy.

Mayuri Indian Cuisine

After western, Thai, and Japanese foods, why don’t you try the great Indian food in this place? Yes, Mayuri Indian Cuisine has various menus in some categories: appetizers, soup and salads, seafood, South Indian specialties. So, you can choose one of them that you like the most. The comfortable place also becomes another reason why people just love to go there. It is reasonable to include it in the Best 1 Microsoft Way Redmondrestaurants near Me.