Best Teriyaki Bowl Near Me In Indonesia

Restaurants that Serve Best Teriyaki Bowl near Me

This article will mention several restaurants with the best teriyaki bowl near me to visit around the city of Semarang. Although there are so many Japanese restaurants in the city, it is actually pretty tricky to find those which serve teriyaki bowl with high quality. Perhaps, this is attributed to the fact that teriyaki is less popular compared to other Japanese foods like sushi or ramen. Well, let’s see the restaurants!

1.Depot Sukses

The list of restaurants which serve the best teriyaki bowl near me is opened with a restaurant which offers Japanese at a relatively low price, which is Depot Sukses. If you live in Semarang, you would have been aware of its popularity since it is cheap but serves delicious foods. However, the place is not too large and you would it difficult to find a seat during busy hours. Furthermore, good luck finding a place to park your car since it only offers a parking area for motorcycles! Although it seems that the place is horrible, it is actually a good place to hang out if you come when the place is not too crowded.

So, what about the teriyaki bowl? Well, if you are Indonesian, you will find that it tastes very delicious since the teriyaki bowl served here has been modified to cater the Indonesian’s appetite. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an authentic teriyaki bowl since you consider that authenticity is the most important aspect of a cuisine, then, it is highly possible that you would not be satisfied. But don’t worry, as mentioned at the beginning of the previous paragraph, the foods here are not too expensive.

Address           : Melati Selatan Street, Brumbungan Urban Village, Central Semarang District, Semarang

Phone number : +6285100142202

Open hours      : 12:00 PM-9:00 PM

2.     YATAI Warung Jepang

Now, let’s check out this restaurant which is also a cheap place to eat Japanese food. YATAI Warung Jepang is a place you should consider visiting if you crave for Japanese foods but lack a high budget in order to find one. But don’t worry, although the foods here are not too expensive, the quality of them is nowhere near low-level. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied after you have spent some time to enjoy the foods served here since they are all delicious, especially the katsu and teriyaki. The funny thing is, although the foods are cheap and delicious and the parking area is pretty wide, the restaurant itself is pretty small! This is the place you should visit when you want to eat by yourself.

Well, since we are talking about the restaurants with the best teriyaki bowl near me, this article would not be complete without mentioning the teriyaki bowl served in this place. To start, like other foods served here, it does not cost a high amount of money. However, you will notice that the portion of the teriyaki bowl served here is relatively small. This could be a problem for the people who are used to eat big. Well, it can be considered as a positive side if you don’t eat too much, though! Oh, by the way, you should try the sushi roll as well!

Address           : Soekarno Hatta Street no. 12, Tlogosari Kulon, Pedurungan District, Semarang

Phone number : +6285881528598

Open hours      : 11:00 AM-9:00 PM

3.     Fat Bubble Dessert House & Café

Since this article has mentioned two low-end restaurants already, it is the time to shift the trend and move on to a new type of restaurant that serves the best teriyaki bowl near me. Although this restaurant specializes in serving dessert and other types of western food (hence its name), you can also find a few local foods and fortunately, teriyaki. The decoration this place employed is somewhat unique since it utilizes a wide range of color to decorate the room. Also, if you come here with toddlers, you would not find yourself to be too busy since there is a playground for children on the second floor of the building. The foods, especially the dessert, are awesome in terms of taste.

Well, if you ask about the teriyaki bowl here, the answer is okay. Considering the fact that teriyaki is not the specialty of the restaurant, it is quite acceptable. One of the positive sides you can find from the teriyaki bowl served here is that the portion is pretty generous. You would find it difficult to leave this area with an unsatisfied tummy. Obviously, your children would love to come to this place too!     

Address           : M.T Haryono Street no. 609, Karangkidul Urban Village, Central Semarang District, Semarang

Phone number : +62248318311

Open hours      : 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

4.     Yoshinoya Japanese Restaurant

Okay, we have mentioned two low-end restaurants and one mid-end restaurant, and now is the time to mention a high-end restaurant. It is highly possible that you have heard about Yoshinoya since it is a famous restaurant franchise that is found worldwide, and one of them can be found in the city of Semarang. If we talk about the restaurant, you will see that it is super clean, a quality to be expected from a world-class restaurant. Well, about the things else, the foods are absolutely wonderful since they are all made with premium ingredients that have undergone a long procedure to keep their hygiene and taste high.

Okay, enough talking about the restaurant, let’s talk about the teriyaki bowl now! Is it the best teriyaki bowl near me? Well, if you think that a high price is worth it to pay for a bowl of teriyaki, then, the answer is yes. The taste is absolutely stunning since it is super tasty. You would never be disappointed to order a bowl of it. But if you want to come here, make sure that you bring a large sum of cash, okay?

Address           : Gajah Mada Street no. 166, Brumbungan Urban Village, Central Semarang District, Semarang

Phone number : 1500566

Open hours      : 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

Those are the best restaurants which serve teriyaki bowl. You would not be disappointed by the teriyaki served on those places. Now, pick the restaurant that serves best teriyaki bowl near me to visit!