Beware Of The Gestational Diabetes Risk To Baby!

Gestational Diabetes Risk To Baby

Beware of the gestational diabetes risk to baby! Save him for his own future

It is such a worrisome that the gestational diabetes may occur to all the mother-to-be who carry the baby. Why? Because no one will want to inject the insulin into the body and prick the finger more than one time per day only for checking the blood sugar. As reported by American Pregnancy Association (APA) that 2 to 5% of pregnant women develop the gestational diabetes. How does this affect to the mother-to-be? And how can the gestational diabetes risk to baby?

3 Problem in dealing With Gestational Diabetes Risk to Baby

Like the common type of diabetes, the gestational diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce the enough insulin so that it will strongly affect to the sugar regulation in the body. As what Dr. Kurt Martinuzzi, OB-GYN, there is only 5% of pregnant mother who develop this problem. In dealing with gestational diabetes risk to baby, there are some complications that the baby may face due to the uncontrolled gestational diabetes.

  • A large birth weight baby

The term of macrosomia is referred to the large birth weight infant due to the gestational diabetes. Such gestational diabetes risk to baby increases the risk of caesarean birth. In addition, a study reports that this condition also enhances the risk of being suffered from shoulder dystocia. It is the condition when the mother gets difficulty to deliver the baby because of the infant’s large torso. In some cases, it may be dangerous, since the head can be obstructed and cause the breathing problem.

  • Premature birth

A mother diagnosed with the gestational diabetes may suffer from premature birth that she will give birth 37 weeks earlier before the due date. This is the reason why gestational diabetes risk to baby, as the baby will suffer from the respiratory distress syndrome. When the infant suffers from this health problem, breathing assistance mechanism is needed in the first stage of his life, but as time passes by, the ability to breath as normal human will be obtained.

  • Low blood sugar level 

Hypoglycemia known as low blood sugar level after giving birth is another problem faced by the pregnant gestational diabetes. This condition is considered as the result of the symptoms of fatigue and the irritability. In more serious cases, gestational diabetes risk to baby may lead to the seizures in the baby. To deal with it, the frequent feed and the intravenous administration to baby can cope with the low glucose blood so that as time goes by, the baby will have normal blood sugar level.

It is very important that pregnant mother pays a good attention to her own health such as maintaining the blood sugar level. In some cases, it is reported that some pregnant mother faces gestational diabetes that greatly affects to the baby and the mother herself. The gestational diabetes risk to baby relates to low blood sugar after giving birth, premature birth and the large birth weight baby. Thanks God, all these problems can be reduced since the strict medical treatment has been done during the pregnancy followed by the healthy lifestyle.