Comida China Delivery Near Me

5 Best Choices of the Comida China Delivery near Me in Spain

Comida China Delivery Near Me

What is the best comida China delivery near me? China is one of the countries in the world that are famous with their authentic culinary tastes. It is really reasonable anyway if you can just simply see the Chinese restaurants anywhere you are in this world. Even in the European country like Spain, the Chinese foods and restaurants can be simply found around.

Interestingly, despite enjoying the foods right in the restaurants, the delivery services available seem to ease your efforts more. Yes, some Chinese foods are able to be ordered from your home. Then, in only some minutes, the delivery services will come to you and bring what you want.

So, what are the Chinese foods and restaurants or comida China in Spain that are equipped by the delivery services? Here they are the recommendations for you.

Slow Boat

Comida China Delivery Near Me

First of all, we have Slow Boat in Costa Adeje. This restaurant is especially not only because of the menu and the look of the restaurant itself but also the opening hours. Yes, Slow Boat opens at 8 am and it closes at 10 pm in order to serve the customers who wish the late-night foods. The atmosphere is very coy as well as this Comida China delivery near me also provides the outdoor seating.

Next, how is about the menu? Slow Boat is undeniably an expert of the oriental menu. The most favorite ones among the foreign visitors are the Crispy Duck, Prawn Crackers, and Hot and Sour Soup. Meanwhile, there are also Dim Sum, Spring Rolls, Boiled Rice, Chicken Chow Mein, and more. Aside from serving the Chinese menu, the Thai banquet is also available here.

Slow Boat’s address is in the area of Av. De Colon, Costa Adeje. For the delivery service, it is available via the phone number at +34 922 71 34 16. Besides, it is possible also for the takeaway service.

Chinese Restaurant Emperor

Comida China Delivery Near Me

When you are in the area of Costa Teguise, Las Palmas and suddenly you want to eat any oriental foods, this one is the best choice. Chinese Restaurant Emperor will spoil you with various tasty cuisines authentically from China. More than that, the restaurant itself is designed cozily so that you may want to stay there any longer.

Some popular Chinese foods provided by this restaurant are the beef in the black bean sauce, ribs, chow mein, prawn crackers, king prawns, spring rolls, and many more. Besides, there are also foods that are served as the combination of Chinese and Spanish tastes. Sure, you can also enjoy any other Asian foods including those from Thailand.

Chinese Restaurant Emperor is located at Calle de Ios Geranios 2, 35508 Costa Teguise. It opens at 12.00 pm and it is available for the late-night food services. If you want to order the menu or make a reservation in this comida China delivery near me, be sure to call at the phone number of +34 928 82 71 97.

International Chinese Restaurant

Comida China Delivery Near Me

Aside from providing the foods with original Chinese recipes, Internacional Chinese Restaurant also makes available some other fusion and modern foods. Those foods are basically the combinations of the Chinese foods and other international cuisines mainly them which are from Spain. Sure, it is to accommodate the local people who probably need to adapt with the taste.

There are some cuisines considered as the favorite ones as they are reviewed more by the customers. Some of them are the rice and noodles, spring rolls, the sizzling duck, wonton soup, sesame prawns, and still many more. Interestingly, some of the foods have filling or toppers in Spanish taste like the application of cheese as well as the use of local vegetables.

Internacional Chinese Restaurant has an address at Caile San Pedro, 19, 03590 Altea, Aicante and it opens near the lunch time at 12.00 pm. For the delivery order, this comida China delivery near me is available via phone at +34 966 00 05 92. It is possible also for the takeaway services.

Chef Peking Chinese Restaurant

Chef Peking Chinese Restaurant

Just like the name, the recipes used in this restaurant are originally from Peking, or this city is now known as Beijing. Although the restaurant is not really large, the interior and space are designed as cozy as possible. The oriental ornaments are also placed here and there to make you feel just like in China. The services are also ultimate anyway.

Chef Peking Chinese Restaurant has some featured menu including the spring rolls and the crispy chicken or the crispy duck. Besides, there are also various options of the soup, salad, seafood buffet, and beverages. Some of the cuisines in the list of the menu are even vegetarian-friendly. They are just good for your diet programs particularly if you are focused on consuming the vegetables more.

This restaurant is indeed simple but the foods are tasty. The more interesting thing is that even the prices are friendly. To enjoy the cuisines in Chef Peking Chinese Restaurants, it is located at the Calle Ribera 29660 Marbella, Malaga. For orders and reservation, the comida China delivery near me can be contacted via phone at +34 952 81 02 62.

Orient Palace

Orient Palace is another restaurant that doesn’t only provide the tasty foods but also the perfect oriental atmosphere. It can be seen from the interior designs, furniture, and all the ornaments and decorations. This just fulfills your wishes of eating in such a cozy and Zen place.

What is the menu offered in this Comida China delivery near me? There are various; starting from the chicken and noodles, spring rolls crispy duck, Peking duck, and more. Besides, there are also many varieties of soups, salads, and beverages. All of those foods are processed traditionally with the oriental kitchen tools to maintain the original tastes.

Orient Palace is located at Av. Las Palmeras, 17, 2930 Benalmadena and it opens daily every 12.00 pm. For the delivery older and making the reservation, it is available via phone at +34 952 56 35 98. So, what are you waiting for? For the real taste of Chinese foods, be sure to go to this Comida China delivery near me.