Dism Host Servicing Process On Your laptop

Dism host servicing process on your laptop

Each laptop has windows that refer to an operating system. Dism is an abbreviation of deployment image servicing management host. Dism host servicing process is available through the Windows PowerShell or command line. Generally, it has a function to service the image of windows including the windows setup or recovery environment of windows. It can be used for windows image or hard disk. 

The dism host servicing process is a program by Microsoft. It is shown as dismhost.exe and you can find in the windows temp folder. It is not giving the problem to your computer. However, if you have the oldest version, it can make a problem for your computer.  

Do you know the dism host servicing process on the computer? 

The program is almost dangerous for your computer. You cannot see the program in window, taskbar or desktop. This program can cause a problem including the usage of CPU. 

  1. The dism host servicing can find in  C:\windows, it will dangerous in percentage 34%. The file size is about 96.768 bytes, 149,184 and 9 more variants. The program has no visible the window.
  2. If the dsm host servicing in C:\ Program files, it will be up 19% your computer is dangerous. The file size is about 144.056 bytes, 136,712, 96,768 bytes or 140,392 bytes.
  3.  The dsm host servicing process is in the previous folder of user, the danger will be in 28%. The file size is 96,768 bytes, 82,944 bytes and 7 more variants. Thus, you have to ensure that the dismhost.exe is appropriate to use again. 

The problems as the result of dism host servicing process 

Several problems relate to dism host servicing process if you let it, the problems including (1) perhaps it is a malware or virus (2) restricted problem of service host local service network (3) use of disk and usage can be 90-100% (4) can consume the Bandwidth of Internet 

Some malware as dismhost.exe located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows|system32 folder so that you should check the dismhost.exe process on your computer or laptop. 

How to fix the problems of dism host servicing process?

If you face the dismhost.exe problem relates to high CPU/DISK. The common problem is the effect of  dism host servicing process, high disk as well as CPU usage. If you get this problem, you can quickly fix the problem. Click the task manager on your computer, it will tell you  windows service host local network restricted that cause the problem. It relates to PC configuration. To delete the high CPU/disk usage, you should unable the superfetch. Step to enable it: you can click Windows button as well as open services, then, find superfetch service and click on. After that, you select disable for superfetch. Then, restart your computer. Finally, CPU and disk usage will back to normal. 

Step to uninstall dismhost.exe process

Now, You can delete the dismhost.exe for your computer or laptop to solve that problem without the consequences. Step-by-step to uninstall the program: 

  1. Open the control panel of your computer
    the control panel
  2. Click uninstall the dismhost.exe process program
  3. Look the program on the list
  4. Click uninstall the program. The tool will automatically uninstall the program of dismhost.exe process and then your disk usage will be back to stable and normal. You can use the program uninstaller to help uninstall the program.
  5. Unsure the program was successfully uninstalled
  6. After, you had uninstalled and restart your computer
  7. Then, open C:/program files to see if you get a folder of dism host servicing process 
  8. Besides that, check the registry to see dism host servicing process. Open registry dialogue box and see HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIENE and software. File dism host servicing process is existing there. 
  9. You should stop the host process that consumes internet bandwidth
  10.  The dism host servicing process can use internet bandwidth and if you want to solve this problem is seems like the steps before: You can click the windows and open services. You should try to find the background of intelligent transfer service and make it stop. The right clock on it and select the disable of the program. Restart the computer and after that, it will make the internet bandwidth cannot be used of dism host servicing process. 

Make sure all those steps can make your computer or laptop avoid the problem. If you face the problem that relates to dism host servicing process, you can remove or delete the program.