Error Code: (0x80246007) – How To Fix

Error Code 0x80246007

What should you do when encountering error code: (0x80246007)?

Error code: (0x80246007) happen when you are trying to download and update your Windows 10 in your desktop. This error code will hamper you from installing the updated Windows. There are many issues following this error appearing to you. First, you have not finished downloading your windows update. Second, you fail to download apps from the Windows store. Third, error code: (0x80246007) also could happen in Windows 7. Lastly, the problem occurs when you are installing the windows 10 update to your computer. This error is really needed to be fixed since you can not use your desktop before solving this issue. In this article, you can find various solutions which can help you overcome the problem. Therefore, by reading this article, I hope you can get the best solution for your trouble.

Check the antivirus

One of the main reasons why you can not download and install the windows 10 update to your computer is your antivirus. There are several antiviruses which are not fully compatible with the Windows 10. Thus, when you are getting to update your windows, the antivirus that you use in your desktop seems to hinder it. The solution that you can try to overcome this matter is temporarily disabling your antivirus when downloading and installing the windows 10. Check it whether this option could solve the problem. If the error code: (0x80246007) still exists, it is suggested that you disable all of your antiviruses entirely so that it would not prevent you from downloading and installing the windows update. Well, if you really have to delete the antivirus software installed in your desktop, you should consider finding a new antivirus program that will be compatible with your windows operating system later.

Set BITS Service

Another way that you can choose to terminate the problem is by setting the BITS Service. BITS is Background Intelligent Transfer Service. The first step is pressing the windows key r + r to launch the program. Do not forget to select BITS and open it in a separate tab. Then, you have to select properties in the BITS menu after you right-click the mouse. Finally, on the general tab, you can set the Delayed Start into Start and apply it.

Make Repair.bat file on your own

By using Notepad application in your computer, make sure that you have already owned it, you can create your own repair.bat file to solve the error code: (0x80246007) problem when installing the windows update. After opening the notepad application, you should write some code in it then save it with a name of repair.bat with the type of the file is all files. Then, you can run the file as the administrator and click continue after you enter the password if it requires you to enter it. Finally, after doing all of these things regarding this solution, you can try to install the windows update again in your desktop.

Enable your Windows Defender

Windows Defender in your computer may be the reason why you can not install the updates of your windows. Since windows update needs the service of windows defender, if your windows defender is not running well in your computer, then you will encounter a problem when installing the windows update. You can check whether your windows defender is already running well or not by open the system settings on your desktop or just type windows defender on your start button and click it. After finding it, check the status of your windows defender, enable it if you find that the windows defender is disabled. After enabling your windows defender, you are allowed to check if the issue of error code: (0x80246007) is already fixed.

Change the user account

User account control is a feature which allows or prohibit you from running some applications or programs through your computer, thus sometimes it needs administrative process before running it. Actually, this amenity is useful for you, but more often than not, it also could interfere you by preventing you from updating your windows in your desktop. To solve the problem, try to disable it by opening the control panel in your computer and choose the user account control settings to never notify option. At the end of these steps, check it whether it could solve your windows update error code: (0x80246007) issue.