Factorio Steam Engine Not Working – How To Fix

Factorio Steam Engine Not Working

How to Solve Factorio Steam Engine Not Working

Many Factorio players experience factorio steam engine not working. Before jumping to the solution, let’s talk about Factorio first. Factorio is a simulation game about construction and management developed by Wube Software. Actually, the game began to be developed in 2012. To get the funds and feedback from players, the early access of the game was released in 2016. Thus, it will be officially released in September 2020. The main story of the game is about an engineer who accidentally landed on an alien planet. The engineer must survive by making a rocket to fly back home. So, resources are gathered and the industry is built to reach the goal.


The fun fact of Factorio is that the game was inspired by IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft Minecraft Mods. At first, it was developed by a single person but it has grown as the development goes. To help fund the development, the team developer made an Indiegogo campaign in January 2013. The crowdfunding reaches beyond the team expectations by March 2013. Thus, as a thankful gift as well as to gain more funds, Wube released early access to be played worldwide. The game allows multiplayer mode which can be played locally or via the internet. Players can either play cooperatively or versus each other. In addition, players also can share their construction blueprints with other players on the same server.

Since early access was released, Factorio has received critics from several gaming websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and Eurogamer. Because it is sold on Steam, Steam has listed Factorio as the top 100 games by revenue earned. Moreover, Factorio is ranked “Bronze” by steam based on sales revenue in 2018. This game has surpassed 1.5 million copies sold worldwide by summer 2018 although it is only an early access version. Imagine when it is officially released next year.


Besides being a construction and management simulation (CMS) game, Factorio also has a real-time strategy (RTS) and survival elements on its gameplay. The player, who crash-landed on the alien planet, needs to survive by creating a rocket to fly back home. That is how the game should end. However, since it is an open-world game, players can either ignore the main objective of the game or continue the game once the objective is reached.

To build the rocket, players need to build a factory to create materials needed to build the rocket. Thus, players also need to harvest resources from several locations in order to do so. Players can research new technologies that let them have and create new upgrades an items necessary to survive on the alien planet. Since it is a survival game, players have to defend themselves, and their factory of course, against the creatures of the planet: Biters, Spitters, and Worms. The creatures will become more hostile as your factory increases. It is because the pollutant emitted by your factory increase enemy aggressiveness. As your game goes, the creatures will evolve and it is harder to defend your factory from them.

Steam Engine Problem

Having a factory means you need to know all about making the factory works properly. If you just played Factorio, you may experience factorio steam engine not working and makes you confused. Well, do not worry. There are lots of players undergoing the same experience as you, especially when the early access was released. Actually, you can find your answer on some game forum which discuss the same issue. Since Factorio is sold in Steam, Factorio has the steam community which discusses the problem about gameplay, including factorio steam engine not working.

If you are confused about why your steam engine not working, you can press the ALT key to activate the detail mode to see the problem clearly. The main common solution is to connect steam engines to the side output of the boilers. It is because boilers have 3 pipes; two acts a water connection, and one will output the steam on the side. It is a change in version 0.15. Some returning players do not know that the new boilers have input and output points.

If the solution above does not solve your problem of factorio steam engine not working, it is recommended to visit the community forum and ask for help.