“Fatal: Not A Git Repository (Or Any Of The Parent Directories): .Git”

Some Ways to Fix “fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git”

In this article, you will see some fixes for common mistakes when you trying to make the Git Repository. If you are currently using the Git program, then there are several situations where you face very common mistakes. Especially when making the Git Repository. One of those common errors come along with this kind of massage such as “fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git” 

Fatal Not A Git Repository Or Any Of The Parent Directories Git

If you are a beginner in the Git world, it may seem incredible to you. luckily, there are some fast fixes that you are able to follow to finish that problem. This article just tried as many as possible providing you with the solution so you can eliminate that issue. 

Firstly, what is Git?

Firstly, thank for popular famed developer Linus Torvalds for Git program – this is a software runs in the heart of GitHub. So, Git is the control-version software which means that it manages all changes in the project without too overwrite any part in that project. And, it will never lose in the closed time, especially the developer uses Git in order to help to develop the core kernel in Linux. 

So, why do you need something like Git? It was said that you and your partner both working to upgrade the same website page. You make a change, store it and reupload in the websites. It runs so well, so far. The problem will occur when your partner working on the same page with you at the same time. one of you will be overwritten and deleted. So, Git will avoid that thing happened to you. you and your partner can upload your revisions to the same page and it stores two copies at the same. You are also able to combine the changes without losing any job in all the way. Even you can go back to the previous version anytime as you need since Git can keep “snapshot” from each change that you ever made. 

The issue with Git is that it may be so old, so you have to utilize the command line or station if you are using a Mac. To access it, then you have typed the codes just like hackers in 90s. It can be a complex precision for modern users – that’s where GitHub enters. 

What is “fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git” mean?

This is one type of mistakes which usually occurred anytime you make a Git repository or you trying to add more repository into GitHub. There are some users reported that they found this mistake when they include the order and websites ask them to include the terminal. It may occur where they will find the mistakes when remote add the Git Repository comes into the local machines. Even, there are some causes for this issue. That said. There are some solutions to this problem. 

How to fix it? 

You can run the Git Init 

The first fix that you can try is provided by the Knowledge Base that you can find in Cloud Ingenium. It’s available if you use the third-party websites to add personal Git Repository for free. You can start the local repository by using the empty Git repository. Then you will receive this massage Initialized empty Git repository in /etc/somefolder/.git/. after you finish the instruction, next you need to run the remote add origin command. 

You can start to initialize the repository 

This second fix was designed when you found a mistake message when pushing the repository to GitHub. This issue will occur when including the commands and websites ask you to put down the repository into the terminal. Fixing this error can be very simple deciding whether you are on the proper directory or not. Thus, you have to check whether you are in a proper directory by typing “Is” and check whether your file shows the right file or not. Then you can start to recover the part of the repository and entering “git init:. 

So, this article can provide you with the best solution to solve complex error message that you may always find. If not, then you can try another way to fix fatal: not a git repository or any of the parent directories : .git.