Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Behavioral Problems In Adults

Adult’s Deviant Behavior due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Behavioral Problems In Adults

There are not many people know that fetal alcohol syndrome problems in adults could lead them to spend some times behind bars. Why? People with this syndrome tend to show deviant behaviors such as high temper, physically or verbally rude, lack of responsibility especially when it comes to money management, and more. Many people have failed the treatments and end up facing more troubles in their life. For those reasons, it is necessary for you to recognize the symptoms and to know the right treatments to control the deviant behaviors.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is someone’s condition that shows that lead to range of problems. You could recognize the condition by looking at the signs as well as the symptoms. This fetal alcohol syndrome starts from women, particularly pregnant women. Apparently these women drink alcohol during their pregnancy. Women with this habit would jeopardize their children. The children could be born with abnormalities including mental retardation. That is why; people who are born with this condition tend to be violent. They can also be very hard to deal with. Below are some of the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome problems in adults:

Recognize the Symptoms

Due to its range of problems, this condition would have many kinds of symptoms. All the symptoms can be ranked based on the severity. First of all you can recognize people with this syndrome just by looking at their facial features. These features include upturned as well as short nose, flattened cheeks, wide or even small eyes and the upper lids are dropping, thin upper lip, small jaw, and flattened philtrum.

Second, there are problems in their nervous systems, which you can observe through their behavior like hyperactivity, poor language development, poor memory and judgment, learning disabilities, lack of focus, delayed development on motor skills and also social skills. These people are also impulsive, and constantly experience mood swings. As mentioned earlier, they can be aggressive toward others. In most cases, people with fetal alcohol syndrome will find it hard to managing and keeping money.

Third, people with fetal alcohol syndrome also have medical issues like seizures, heart diseases, kidney defects as well as deformed fingers or even limbs.

Obviously, people with this condition have independent issues, especially financial issue. They probably need constant reminder and assistance whenever it they have a job since they have the tendency to lose the job as soon as they get it.

As discussed earlier that people with fetal alcohol syndrome usually have violent behaviors; for that reason, they encounter many problems with the authorities. They desperately need anger management and they could manipulate others. The interaction you have with these people could be challenging since they require high attention. They would also experience psychotic disorders and depression.

How do you Diagnosed this Condition?

Fetal alcohol syndrome problems in adults can be diagnosed easily if you recognize the symptoms above. For children, probably you can diagnose them from their facial features. However, for adults, you can focus on their nervous system. In this case, you should concentrate on their behavior. Remember that they tend to be aggressive and hyperactive. In most cases, doctors also use this step first.  

Treatment for Adults

Many people usually recommend you to see a therapist, so you can share your troubles and find the solutions. The counseling teaches people with fetal alcohol syndrome about social skills, which is friendship and bonding. By doing so, they could improve their understanding toward others, they learn about the cause and effect as well as reasoning, and they could also develop a better self control.

There are also some other things that you can do with these people at home. You should definitely create a stable and loving environment at home. You should also remind others who live with these people not to evoke them because they are highly sensitive. You can set regular routine for them like simple rules that would control their deviant behavior.

The next thing that you can do to people with fetal alcohol syndrome is by giving them several medications. Believe it or not, there is no specific medication for these people; however, you can still give them medication that would help to manage their behavior. First, you can give them stimulant that could treat their inability to concentrate. This stimulant is also great to control their hyperactive behavior. These people also experience mood swings including sadness and also negativity. For that reason, you can offer them to have antidepressants. Sometimes doctors also give them neuroleptics or anti anxiety. These two medicines are great for them since it can control aggression as well as anxiety.

Another treatment that could also be great for people with fetal alcohol syndrome is the alternative treatments. So, obviously, it should not be a medical treatment. In this case, you can ask these people to join healing exercise like yoga. This exercise contains many movements technique that are suitable for healing process. Other healing processes are acupuncture and massage. These two practices could reduce stress and anxiety.

Well, above all these treatments are not as good as prevention. If you encounter adults with fetal alcohol syndrome, you should learn from their experience by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Women who have this habit should seek help from doctors. Remember, alcohol has many bad effects, so you should remind yourself and remind others not to drink alcohol, especially during pregnancy.

Generally, fetal alcohol syndrome is caused by drinking habit during pregnancy. There are many kinds of symptoms that you can recognize. For adults, you should pay attention to the nervous systems problems. People with this condition could become aggressive and rude. They have tendency of having problems with the laws. If you encounter these people, you should never rush, push, or force them. Giving them punishment also won’t be able to treat their condition. You can ask them to seek medical treatment. Fetal alcohol syndrome problems in adults are not dangerous and you can always help these people by convincing them that you are there to support them.