REMEMBER! 4 Kinds Of Foods To Avoid With Gestational Diabetes

foods to avoid with gestational diabetes

REMEMBER! 4 Kinds Of Foods To Avoid With Gestational Diabetes

During one and a half period of pregnancy, women are possibly to suffer from the gestational diabetes in which it is a condition when the blood sugar is high. This condition is contributed by some factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, maternal age, diabetic family history, ethnicity and obesity. To cope with it, pregnant women should conduct an oral glucose test within 24 – 28 weeks of pregnancy. When the doctor diagnoses you with the gestational diabetes, it is always to be there are some foods to avoid with gestational diabetes, since they can lower the insulin in your body.

As you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you have to be extra careful to consume the foods. Most cases suggest you to take less carbs so that it will not cause to the raising blood sugar that can be detrimental both to the health of pregnant women and the infant during and after delivering the birth. It is such a stressful situation for the mother, so that regular check-up is needed.

Foods to avoid with gestational diabetes

1.Stay away from sugary foods

Speaking about foods to avoid with gestational diabetes, it is absolutely right if your doctor will recommend you to reduce the sugar intake per day, because it gives the negative impact on the pregnant mother. Blood sugar is likely to raise when you consume a great deal of sugary foods such as cakes, sweets, biscuits, soda, puddings and juice with processed and refinery sugar.

2. Avoid to consume starchy foods

If you usually consume white potatoes, white rice, white bread or white pasta, you must cut down the consumption of those meals if you really want to avoid the gestational diabetes during pregnancy. All the foods above belong to the starchy foods that are considered to contain of high carbohydrates. These foods to avoid with gestational diabetes should be remembered, unless you will get higher blood sugar in your body.

3.Reduce the consumption of foods with hidden carbs and sugar

If you think about the foods to avoid with gestational diabetes, you may observe that there are some kind of foods with unobvious sugar and carbs source. These foods are still considered to be unhealthful to consume. Some of the foods are fast foods, processed foods, alcohol and some sediment just like ketchup and dressings. Sugar and milk is thought to have natural sugars that can be consumed in moderate level.

4.Cut down the fatty foods

In dealing with foods to avoid with gestational diabetes, you are also suggested to keep away from the fat. The saturated fat found in dessert, bacon, milk, butter, sausage and cream are the bad for gestational diabetes. If you really want to consume it, you are only obliged to take less than 10% from the total of calories intake per day. This helps you to maintain the blood sugar remains stable.

Being diagnosed with the gestational diabetes makes the women pay a good attention to what can and cannot be consumed. In this case, you, a pregnant woman should know foods to avoid with gestational diabetes so that your blood sugar will not rise drastically. It is important to do so, since the rising blood sugar in body gives the bad impact on insulin production that later greatly affects to the health of baby and the mother-to-be.