Healthy Lifestyle Fruits Low In Sugar For Diabetes

Fruits Low In Sugar For Diabetes

Healthy Lifestyle For Diabetics By Consuming Fruits Low In Sugar For Diabetes

The diabetics may face the problems on determining the amount of sugar they can consume per day. While such problem leads to the selective foods and fruits to consume, diabetics are probably not aware of the number of sugar intake when they have made an attempt to cut out the processed sugars. It is because they are still consuming all kinds of fruits to get the natural sugar as substitute to refined one so that the blood sugar still remains high. To deal with it, consuming fruits low in sugar for diabetes would be recommended.


List of Fruits Low in Sugar for Diabetes to Keep The Blood Sugar Remains Steady

  • Lemons

Early morning will be perfect time for you to drinking the lemon juice to maintain the health of your digestive system and curb the appetite. Known for its high vitamin C, lemon is also supposed to be fruits low in sugar for diabetes, since it tastes fairly sour and it contains of 1 – 2 grams sugar per lemon. So, it is such a good option to maintain your blood sugar from rising beyond the normal level.

  • Berry fruits

Raspberry, strawberry and blackberry are considered to be fruits low in sugar for diabetes. All these berry fruits have the low in sugar and high in fiber that will keep you fill up for longer period. While antioxidant and vitamin C found in these fruits is very important to keep the immune body system stays good, it is the perfect option for healthy snacking during your leisure time.

  • Kiwis

Technically categorized as berry group, kiwi also becomes one of the fruits low in sugar for diabetes. It is reported that only 6 grams of sugar you can find in green-fleshed fruits. Being popular due to the low sugar content, this fruit also contains of vitamin C that helps you to maintain the immune body system. To get its benefit, you can go to grocery store, since this is a kind of fruit that available throughout the year.

  • Avocado 

Out of fruits low in sugar for diabetes, avocado seems to be the best choice for the diabetics to control the blood sugar. It is reported that a whole raw avocado fruit contains of 1 gram sugar so that it is quite safe to consume among the diabetics. In addition, the healthy fat found in avocado also helps you to keep satiated for longer time. No wonder if people like to consume this fruit as snack.

  •  Cantaloupe

For some people with diabetes, cantaloupe is the healthy snacking, since this fruit is thought to be fruits low in sugar for diabetes. The vitamin A found in cantaloupe is very important to maintain the health while the less 13gram of sugar in this whole fruit can help the diabetic to keep the blood sugar stable. But, remember to consume in the moderate portion.

It might be distressing for some diabetics, since they have to consider the sugar content in every fruits they consume every day. It is because not all fruits are recommended to them and only some of fruits low in sugar for diabetes as stated above are advisable. With the low in sugar, all the healthy fruits above can be the good choice for healthy snacking.