Hella.143 305 70

Simple Ways to Contact Microsoft Customers Support

Hella.143 305 70

Hella.143 305 70 is the most common way to choose when there is a problem with your Windows or Microsoft account. But sure, it is not the only one. Currently, Microsoft provides some ways to let customers contact them more easily. But before contacting them, make sure that you really cannot solve the problems by yourself. For example, if Windows stop working, there are actually some steps you can do yourself. In other words, contacting Microsoft center should be the last thing you do after those steps are not working.

Aside from calling the Microsoft center, you can contact them using the online chat feature. Moreover, if you use Windows 10, there is a built-in app to talk to Microsoft Support administrator or schedule calls to them. So, what are the steps of them each? Check them out.

Hella.143 305 70 – Online Chat with Microsoft Support

First of all, you must go to your web browser. Visit the page “Contact Us” available on the official website of Microsoft. Second, click the button “Get Started” to create a new website page. If you can get into it successfully, the virtual support agent may welcome you. In case you just don’t want to talk to this system, it is possible to directly call the Microsoft staff or the real human. How is it? It is continued in the next steps below.

Third, in the box available, type down your questions and then press Enter to send them. Wait for a few seconds to get replies from the agent. Fourth, after receiving the answer, you can get a message “Hope that helped. If not, please feel free to rephrase your question or you can talk to a person. There are two other buttons provided: “Rephrase Questions” and “Talk to a Person”. Sure, you must click the second option.

Fifth, when choosing “Talk to a Person”, some other options appear including Schedule a Call, Chat, Ask the Community, and Call Me Back. Choose the “Chat” option and you can see the queue number before talking to the customer service. 

Schedule the Calls

In many cases, the schedule is determined by Microsoft agent, not customers. This is the reason why you get a queue number. You are lucky if you don’t need to wait for a long time before being able to talk to them. But since Microsoft has so many users all around the world, most cases are that you need to wait for several days. 

When you are chatting to the Microsoft Support team, you have a right to end it every time you want. It is by clicking the option “End Chat”. Don’t forget; leave our comments on the end of the chat. The comments are needed to improve the performance of Microsoft Support and all the products in the future. Sure, if you want, you can also do the same thing by using the Built-in app in Windows 10.

Other Tips

Despite the methods mentioned above, there are other tips you should know as a Microsoft user. First, each product or service offered by Microsoft Company must have customer service supports. It is to help customers directly if they have no idea what happens with their Windows program as well as find the best solutions. So, rather than contacting random services that may not be able to fix it, it is much better to go to the official service.

Second, mainly if you want to directly talk to the staff, start it all by sending questions via email or live chat to know the closest Microsoft office from your area. It is also possible to look for it using a search engine.

Next, you can make a call to talk to the administrator after finding the information on the phone number. Why should you contact the closest one? It is because the phone bill must be fewer. Besides, in case you need to bring your PC or other gadgets to the office, it is just nearer and easier.


There must be problems during your time using Microsoft products. With the presence of Microsoft customer support, all the problems are expected to be solved more easily and safely. Some ways to contact them are available, not only making a call at Hella.143 305 70.