Hella.Square Root 123

Hella.Square Root 123

Are you a tattoo fan? Here come the 4 best references from Hella.Square Root 123

Hella.Square Root 123

Hella.Square Root 123

For those of you who like to make tattoos, the name Hella.Square Root 123 is now increasingly heard, as one reference in finding the right shape and visual tattoos. Hella. Square Root 123 is a tattoo manufacturing service, which provides a variety of shapes and materials. But before discussing Hella. Square Root 123, it helps you know first about the function and impact of using tattoos

Development of Tattoos

Tattoos have now become a trend among people. Do not know the age or gender, tattoos are now widely consumed by the wider community. In connection with this, the tattoo business is also increasingly prevalent with the presence of studios and tattoo artists. Many lay people who initially did not know about tattoos are now becoming interested in tattoo art and are starting to find out more about what and how tattoos and provide various responses about them. Tattoos have many connections, some use tattoos for self-existence media, some use them as group symbols, religion, and some are to beautify themselves. This value that Hella.Square Root 123 wants to deliver to you. 

Effects of using tattoos

Long-term effects caused by unsterile tattooing are very detrimental to its users. The following effects can occur due to tattoo activities that are less appropriate and less sterile:

1. Allergies

For tattoo users who have sensitive skin or skin allergies, you should not tattoo the skin. Effects and dangers of tattoos for users are sensitive skin prone to get rashes because of the ink used for tattooing

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2. Infection

Infection can occur if the place/studio making tattoos do not pay attention to cleanliness and sterilization of the tools used for tattooing

3. Skincare after tattooing

If the user is too lazy to treat the tattoo after making it, then the skin of the tattoo user is easy to develop infections and will affect health.

5. Blood donation

For those who like to donate blood, have to think again to make a tattoo on the skin, because people who are tattooed can not donate blood.

Tattoo reference by Hella.Square Root 123


One of the most popular types of tattoos is a representation of someone. Usually, many use a tattoo on his body as a medium to show affection. Hella.Square Root 123 provides a visual reference for this tattoo, intending to help to provide the best visual for those of you who want to express their feelings or appreciation to someone through a picture on the body.

Flower sensation

In addition to tattoos with self-representation motifs, Hella.Square Root 123 also provides a flower-themed tattoo reference. This theme is claimed to be one of the ways to show the feminine and masculine sides, through various forms of flowers, which will be adjusted to color. Those who want to use this tattoo theme to look sweeter will ask to use bright colors and pastel colors. But some ask for flowers with dark colors and firm shapes. So far, one of the most ordered flowers is the rose type.

Abstract-themed tattoos

If the theme of self-reflection tattoos or flower nuances is a very clear type, then the other theme offered by Hella.Square Root 123 is a tattoo with an abstract theme. This theme is very suitable for you who have a fondness for things that are not defined. The form of this theme is usually varied through various colors, unusual shapes, and combinations of various objects into a unique unity.

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Animal theme

Haven’t found a theme that matches your favorite tattoo? Then this theme might be one of them! If you are someone who is an animal lover and want to make it one of the visuals in your body, then this theme is right for you. The theme of animals is usually also used by those who believe in the fortune power of some animals, such as snakes, dragons, dogs, to birds.


Other tattoo theme suggested by Hella.Square Root 123  is in the form of certain symbols. Usually, this theme is used by those who have a very close relationship or attachment to a particular group, alley, or community. The use of this tattoo is then used as part of their identity.

That’s a variety of tattoo references from Hella.Square Root 123. Which one is your favorite?