Helloo 143 305 70

How to Solve problem in Microsoft Edge via Hello 143 305 70 and other Platforms

Helloo 143 305 70

Nowadays, plenty of people are using Microsoft products or services. Thus, there must be some issues during their time using Microsoft products or services. With the existence of Microsoft customer care, all the issues are expected to be resolved more easily and efficiently. Therefore, Microsoft Centre provides several ways for the customer to contact them. One of the most common ways is by contacting them through their official number Helloo 143 305 70. Moreover, aside from that official number the customer could also reach for Microsoft centre through some ways which will be discussed in this article. Thus, for you guys who want to solve your issues in Microsoft edge, here are some ways that you could possibly do: 

First thing first you absolutely could call Helloo 143 305 70. Do you actually know what that is? Yes, that is right. It is a phone number that is related to Microsoft company especially Microsoft Customer support. The number is used for customers who want to reach the company. Essentially, it is used when they found out some issues with their Windows or other Microsoft products and services. If you are planning to contact them through this number, the first thing that you need to do is to phone them through your cell phone or telephone

. Either way it should work just fine. After you are connecting with them, you will to one of their customer care on duty. And then, ask away your questions regarding your Microsoft or Windows issues. However, before you contact their customer support, you have to make sure that you can’t resolve your Windows or Microsoft issues by your own. In other words, contacting their customer support should be the last method that you could do when you are really sure that you really can’t resolve the issue on your own. 

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In addition, if you are too lazy to contact them through Helloo 143 305 70, you could try Microsoft’s new features regarding customer support. The features that they offer are even available in each of their product. Hence, you could contact them directly when the product is troubled or even worse stop working. One of the products that have this feature is Microsoft Edge. It is a new web browser that is available in Windows 10. This browser has much better performance compared to the other Microsoft’s browser. However, there is no guarantee that this new browser has no problems at all. Some of users filed some complaints that the Edge browser is too slow, quitting suddenly, and even worse stopped completely. There are some ways to fix that issue though. The safest one is by resetting or re-installing the browser. 

Another ways that you could do aside from contacting Helloo 143 305 70 when you want to fix your Microsoft or Windows are troubled is by Built-in App. This app is available in Windows 10. Through this app you could connect directly to the Microsoft support care team. The thing that you need to do is just enter the feature and follow some given instructions there. Hence, you don’t need to contact them through Helloo 143 305 70.

Moreover, you could also solve Microsoft Edge problem by Windows 10 Fall creator instead of Helloo 143 305 70. In this app, there is an option where you could repair or reset the Edge Browser from the program directly. To reset and repair the browser edge you could do the following steps. Firstly, you need to enter Settings, then choose Apps, and then click Apps and Features, and then by clicking Microsoft Edge.

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Secondly, in the page of Storage Usage and App Reset, there are two options that are available which are repair and reset. Repair option allows you to do several repairs in your Microsoft Edge browser without deleting your data. While, the reset one is to reset and bring back your browser to the default setting and all your data will be deleted which is including your browser history, cookies, and many other things. Moreover, after you choose one of them, Windows will begin to reset or repair your Edge Browser. 

In sum, there are several ways that you could do in solving problems in your Windows or other Microsoft products. The most usual way is by contacting them through their phone number or Helloo 143 305 70. However, there are other ways that you could do such as contacting the customer service that is available in each product of Windows or Microsoft, via built in apps and many more. Then again, the choice is yours, so choose which way to contact them that offer most convenience for you.