Helloo143 305 70

How to Solve Problems in Microsoft Edge – Helloo143 305 70

Helloo143 305 70

Helloo143 305 70, do you know what is it? Yes, it is a phone number that is related to Microsoft Company. Previously, the number is for customers who want to get services from the company. Mainly, it is when they found that their Windows or other Microsoft products have problems.

But currently, Microsoft actually has many other new features for customer supports. The features are even available in each product. This way, you can directly contact the customer service once the product is troubled or stop working. 

One of the products from Microsoft supported by special customer service is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a new web browser available in Microsoft Windows 10. If you have used it, you must realize that the browser has a much better performance than other browsers from Microsoft. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that this new browser has no problem at all. There are some complaints from users in which the Edge browser is too slow, suddenly quitting, or stopped.

There are actually some solutions when experiencing problems. The safest one is resetting or re-installing the browser so that the problem can be overcome. However, this solution requires you to delete the system folder and run some commands in PowerShell. Sometimes, the users are doubtful in running a weird command since it may affect the entire system on the PC.

But despite the solution mentioned above, there are actually still some ways to recover your PC. Some of them are even less risky. What are they?

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Built-in App

There is a built-in app in Windows 10 that directly connects you to the Microsoft Supports team. You only need to enter the feature and follow some instructions given. This way, you can simply communicate with the team without making a call through the phone number mentioned above.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

The problems occurred in Microsoft Edge let many users send complaints and suggestions to Microsoft. Fortunately, it seems that those complaints and suggestions are listened to by the company. It is seen from the blueprint of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later. There is an option to repair or reset Browser Edge directly from the program.

The operation of reset and repair in browser Edge can be done through some following steps. They are entering Settings – Apps – Apps and Features – Microsoft Edge. Next, in the page of Storage Usage and App Reset, there are 2 options available. They are Repair and Reset. Repair option enables you to do some repairs in the Microsoft Edge browser without deleting your data. Meanwhile, Reset option is to reset and bring back the browser to the default setting by deleting your data. It is including browser history, cookies, and others.

After choosing one between repair and reset, it depends on the option you have chosen before, Windows will start to repair or reset your Edge browser.

The Benefits of Repairing Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

It is known that repairing Microsoft Edge can be done in some ways. But out of all the methods, why must it be Windows 10 Fall Creator Update? Well, some benefits are known anyway. First, it is an official feature from Microsoft for Windows 10. It means that the program has been designed specially to solve the problems in Windows 10. It tends to be safer for sure compared to using other tools from the outside.

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Second, it has been available in Windows 10 without you must look for it before operating the product. Undeniably, there are some tools for this function. But since they are not made by Microsoft officially, you need to download and install it first. Sure, many risks are following this action including it may damage the system and others.

Third, it is easy to use. There are only a few steps to complete the action. Sure, you must only follow the instructions. Meanwhile, the time spent is also only in some minutes. You can directly contact the administrator if further problems happen during the repairing process. It is guaranteed to be safer and more secure.

Microsoft Edge is recommended to use particularly for the users of Windows 10. It is considered much better than other browsers from Microsoft. But since some problems still happen often, you need to repair it well using Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. It is as effective as using helloo143 305 70.