Hot Breads Menu Near Me In Indonesia

Beat that Hot Breads Menu near Me with The Best Artisan Bakeries in Jakarta

If you find that the hot breads menu near me is not satisfactory, then you can try these amazing artisan bakeries scattered around Jakarta. Although the hot breads offer you a varied menu, most of them are usually standard and not quite fancy. If you are looking for a fancy place to eat your bread, then you should check these amazing places below.

Kempi Deli for European-influenced bread

Kempi Deli is a European influenced bakery shop located in Grand Indonesia (GI) Shopping Town. Compared to the hot breads menu near me, the Kempi Deli is in another level. You can find products such as dry pasta, sausage, cold cuts, and bread. You can also check their ready-to-eat gourmet hot and cold sandwiches. You can check the place in 2nd Floor, East Mall of GI. MH Thamrin St. No. 1 Jakarta. For more information, you can try to call (+6221) 23583985 or visit their website at

Le Boutique Gourmande, a good place for French bread

Many women love this place. Compared to the hot breads menu near me, Le Boutique Gourmande offers you a variety of French bread such as eclairs, millefeuille, and others. Also, the place is a good place to get a chocolate, coffee, and pastries. You can come to the place around 7.30 A.M to 10.00 P.M at Le Meridien Jakarta. It is located in General Sudirman St. Kav. 18-20, Jakarta. For more info, you can call at +6221 251 3131.

Union & Union Deli for those who crave American bread

The Union and Union Deli are famous for their American style brasserie and cake. Although the hot breads menu near me may have more menu, the taste and quality of the bread in Union and Union Deli is better. Their famous menu is the sandwiches and red velvet. Union & Union Deli has two stores in Jakarta. The first one is in East Mall of GI and the second one is in Plaza Senayan, Ground Floor, Asia Afrika St. South Jakarta. For more information, you can access their Facebook page in Union Jakarta or you can call (+6221) 23580476.

Levant Boulangerie for authentic French and European bread

The Levant Boulangerie is a good place if you crave for a French or European bread. The store is so famous because they also supply their bread to a number of restaurants in Jakarta, unlike the hot breads menu near me that only serve their own store. Levant Boulangerie’s famous types of bread are the sourdough, baguettes, and croissants. They always bake their bread fresh in the morning. You can try other types of bread in there like canelles and quiches. Compared to the hot breads menu near me, Levant Boulangerie serves less bread variant.  You can visit their two stores at Benda St. 12 A, Kemang South Jakarta or Cipete Dalam St. 9A, Cipete. You can come here every day from 7 A.M  to 7 P.M

Animo Bakery for a great bakery class

The Animo Bakery is famous for its European bakeries such as quiche, Danish, and croissants. In here, you can also enjoy the bread with a fresh cup of coffee. The store offers a different menu compared to the hot breads menu near me. What’s more is that the Animo Bakery occasionally hold a baking class. For more information, you can come directly to the store at Cipete I St. 6A, South Jakarta around & A.M to 5 P.M. You can also check their Instagram and Twitter @animobakery. If you want to make a reservation, you can try to call (+6221) 7192681.

The famous Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser is a famous Boulanger across the world and he extends his business by opening a store in Jakarta. The quality of bread in here is amazing and what’s important that their bread is always fresh. You can eat loaves of bread or pastries with a fresh cup of coffee here. You can come to either two of the stores in Jakarta. The first is at the 3rd floor of Plaza Senayan and The second is at UG Gandaria City, Sultan Iskandar Muda St. Jakarta. For more info, you can access their Facebook page Eric Kayser Indonesia or you can call (+6221) 57905365

The legendary PAUL

PAUL is a bakery with a lot of history found in 1889. It is a franchise that excels in either fancy or country-style bread, pastries, cakes, desserts, and viennoiserie (such as croissants, etc.). If you visit the place, you can enjoy snacks and sandwiches with a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. The snacks available are French pancakes, salads, or simple dishes. All of them are ready to eat and prepared on site. PAUL Jakarta is located at the GF Pacific Place, General Sudirman St. Kav 52-53. You can visit their web in or call their number at (+6221) 57973464 for more information.

Beau by Talita Setyadi, a taste from a local pastry chef

This personalized bakery shop offers a great menu. You may find the place a little bit different from the mentioned places above. The products offered here are influenced by the owner’s travel across Europe, the US, and Australasia. Beau is specialized in artisan pastries and bread that use local ingredients. You can visit the store at GI East Mall, 1st Floor Central Dept. Store Jakarta with the phone number (+6221) 29924257. Beau also has its second store at Cikajang St. 29, Petogogan South Jakarta with the phone number (+6221) 27517454. If you want to browse their variety of menu, you can visit the web

Bread and pastries are a delight to our palate. You can either go for the sweet or savory one. The mentioned places above offer you a great range of fancy bread and pastries with high quality. But you may find the places not too crowded because Indonesian have no bakery culture. Still, if you crave for a fancier and high-quality bread compared to that in the hot breads menu near me, then you should try the artisan bakery places mentioned above.