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Hot Breads Near Me

What are the hot breads near me menu? A big bun of the hot bread is very good for breakfast. It offers you the additional energy so you can do all your activities all day long with more spirits. For some people, the hot breads particularly those with the smaller sizes are also a kind of good snacks to accompany them to take a rest. Well, you can just imagine eating the bread along with a cup of tea. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Maybe, the next question is where to buy the best and the most delicious hot breads. It is indeed quite difficult to answer since there are so many options out there. Moreover, people’s tastes tend to be different from one to another.

But based on some customers’ reviews, there are some restaurants and cafes in the US that provide the hot breads with the best savor. What are they?

Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen


The first one is Hot Bread Kitchen. It is a retail stall and cafe located inside La Marqueta marketplace, Park Ave, New York. Many reasons make this place one of the best hot bread restaurants and cafes in the US and some areas around. The nuance of vintage is simply felt just after you enter this cafe. Meanwhile, the decoration is also filled by the pastel palate to make you feel comfortable more.

Sure, the menu is also another reason why you should spend your spare time here. The hot breads near me menu offered are unique so that you may never taste it in any other places before. The featured ones are Challah Quartet, Trio of Ryes, Parker House Rolls, Decorative Sourdough Micche, Mini Cheddar Bialy, and more.

To enjoy the hot breads here, you need to go to 1590 Park Ave, New York, NY 10029, USA. This cafe opens at 9 AM up to 5 PM. To order the foods online, it is available at [email protected] and phone at 212 369 3331.

Hot Breads

Hot Breads

Do you want to try the different taste of hot breads? A restaurant namely Hot Breads in Englewood, Colorado is probably the best answer. The taste of the breads offered here is unique since it is basically originally from India. Just imagine if the Indian breads are fused in the taste of US and western. It should be delicious, shouldn’t it?

Actually, Hot Breads doesn’t provide the hot breads and pastry only. There are also some Indian menus like the curry and the curd rice. But coming here is still not a wrong choice to enjoy the breads. This restaurant makes available around 11 hot breads menu including Plain Naan, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, Tandoori Roti, and more.

Hot Breads is located at 9678 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80112, USA. It opens every day from the morning to the evening at 10 PM. For the menu orders and reservations, they are available via and Make a call also via phone number 303 247 9264.

Chicago Hot Breads

Chicago Hot Breads

This is the other restaurant with Indian-fusion hot breads near me menu you have to try. Although the Indian fast foods are being the featured menu here, there are breads, cakes, and pastries with original tastes from the US and Europe. The atmosphere of the cafe is really modern and comfortable. Therefore, it is suitable for you who want to relax and take a rest for a while before continuing your works and activities.

Some of the hot breads menu here are the paneer, masala, chicken tikka, and Kheema. Meanwhile, there are also buns and rolls available for them the vegetarians; they are the mixed vegetable and the vegetable pizza bun. Enjoy also the cakes, croissants, and cookies made only with the qualified and hygienic ingredients.

Chicago Hot Breads is located at 1603 N Aurora Rd, Naperville, IL 60563 USA. It opens 12 hours per day from 10 AM to 10 PM. To see the menu, you can access Meanwhile, for orders, they are available in and For the phone number, it is 630 369 7482.

Bakery & Indian Cuisines

If you are living in the area of Monroe Township, New Jersey, this cafe and restaurant should not be familiar enough. The cafe provides high-quality breads, cakes, and snacks including them coming from India. It is possible for you to enjoy the foods there while relaxing. Sure, it is because the atmosphere offered is also very friendly and comfortable.

So, what are the menus offered here? Well, some of the hot breads near me menu you can enjoy are the Pav White, Regular White, and Grain Sandwich. Enjoy also the traditional Indian snacks like paneer and Chicken Tikka along with the vegetables. Some fusion menus are available with such unique tastes you may never feel before including the cheese and chicken burger with Indian spices.

The hot breads from Bakery & Indian Cuisines can be found at 3731, 357 Applegarth Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08832, USA. For more information and contact, it is available via [email protected]. Besides, there are some phone numbers to call; 609 642 8204 and 609 642 8205.

Hot Breads Plano

Hot Breads Plano


Hot Breads Plano is one of the best retails that produces and provides the bakery and pastry stuff including the hot breads. The foods have various tastes from inside and outside the USA. The rooms available are very comfortable and cozy. So, don’t bother to spend more time in this place.

The breads and cakes in the list of menu are really unique but also delicious. Some of them are the vegetable cutlet, Aloo Tiki, Paneer Burger, Vegetarian Panini, Grilled Chicken Panini, Kati Rolls, and many more. Some of them are intended for them the vegetarians. If you are in your diet program, you should not worry that eating the breads here may let you gain more weight.

Hot Breads Plano is located at 4940 McDermott Rd #300, Plano, TX 75024, USA. To see all the menus, visit Then, to order, it is available in some platforms including and The phone number of this hot breads near me menu is 214 705 7770.