How To Avoid Stress And Anxiety During Pregnancy

10 Ways to Avoid Stress and Anxiety during Pregnancy

How To Avoid Stress And Anxiety During Pregnancy

How to avoid stress and anxiety during pregnancy? That’s the big question for some women who’s got pregnancy. As the fact, pregnancy brings the worry feeling. It’s natural. But you have to make sure that the feelings such as worry, anxiety, and stress don’t influence the activities, psychologically, and physically. Here are some ways how to avoid stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Rest enough and focus on the baby

You and your baby must relax. So you don’t need to feel guilty if you are sleeping in the afternoon, relaxing all day long. You can sing and chat with the unborn baby. In 23 weeks old, the baby can hear your voice. You have to spend for some times to have “me time”.

Talk about everything

If you worry about the wellbeing of your baby or maybe you have the personal matter, you are able to move to midwife to make sure about the condition. Don’t be afraid to be honest about what you are feeling. You will get more support when you are honest. The simplest idea is actually talk to your husband. Your partner will understand more what truly in your feeling. By talking honestly, you are going to be better. By joining the antenatal class makes you find friends. You can share what you are feeling, you’re thinking, you are worrying about and many thing to the other mother to-be. Well, at least they are in the same situation with you, so they more understand. So, just be honest and share.

Eat well

Eat healthy and well can be good for your body and your mind. You can increase the consumption of vitamin, mineral, omega 3. These substances can lift the mood. The omega 3 can be found in the seafood, oily fish, and nuts. The ingredients can reduce the depression during the pregnancy. You can eat two portions of fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, pilchard, and many more. The amino acid can boost the mood as well. The tryptophan can help to raise the level of serotonin and melatonin in the brain. Body can’t produce tryptophan. Therefore eating nuts, chicken, egg, fish, yoghurt, and cheese are the only way to fulfill the need to tryptophan. More than that, drink 1.5 liter of mineral water at least in a day to avoid dehydration. Dehydration can affect the mod and cause headache.


Exercise or sport can improve the mood. The light sport is very safe during the pregnancy. Swimming is the ideal sport for pregnant women. This exercise makes you toned, and the joints become hard. Or it is possible to join the pregnancy class in the local pool. There you will see many pregnant women who do swimming too. But the other alternative is walking. Walking is also the recommended sport for pregnant women. Just walk about 20 minutes in a day. Yoga is also the best exercise. It not only gives the tone to your body, but also stretches your body. In yoga you are going to learn how to relaxing, breathing, and meditation. This exercise can help you to control the anxiety. During pregnancy, it is better for you to stay working, get up early morning, walk, do the exercise, breakfast, and lunch as usual, look for the fresh air and make friends. It is the best way to reduce the stress and anxiety feeling during the pregnancy.

Prepare for the birth

You can learn about your birth whether you plan to have the caesarean, normal or the water birth. Consult with the doctor or the midwife about the D-day. You can plan the born the baby in the birth center or in the hospital. You can ask the doctor or the midwife to set the plan, don’t forget to discuss with your husband and the other family and parents. The right information and support from the partner, parents, family, doctor or the midwife can help to overcome the hesitation.

Prepare for the family life

You are going to be parents. Make friends as large as you can. Find the young mother to share whatever to feel with them. You can go to the children center to find moms there and share. Maybe you have problems in financial, housing, taking care of the house, looking for information about baby sitter or many more. You will get much information there. The people there will help you and support you as well. What you need is advice and support.

Public Transportation

If you work outside and you deal with public transportation, actually this is the main source of the stress feeling. It is going to be getting worse especially when you are pregnant. Make sure you always get the seat in the public transportation. As the fact, in London, the pregnant women get the priority of the seat in the train, bus, or the other public transportation. Don’t be shy to ask the seat. Most of the people will give their seat to pregnant women. Just remain them.

Money matters

You must prepare not only about the day of the birth and the family life. You also have to think about how much you pay to buy the equipment and the baby clothes. What you have to do is making the list. Put the items there and think what you need to buy or you can borrow.  If you are a working woman, you must make sure that your company offered the benefit to pay your hospital and the other benefit which is your right.

Try the therapy

Massage is the most amazing treatment to relieve stress. Don’t hesitate to spend some money to do this treatment. Massage helps to lower the stress hormone named cortisol. You can close your eyes, sleep or sit and feel that the therapist will massage you well. But make sure than the place is a special place for pregnant women. Don’t go to the common massage center. The therapist must be experienced and qualified to massage the pregnant women.

Treat yourself

The simplest way to relieve the stress, worry, and anxiety feeling during the pregnancy is by laughing, meet friends, watch favorite movie, go the salon, and do self-manicure and pedicure are the best way how to avoid stress and anxiety during pregnancy.