How to Completely Reset iPhone Settings and Erase iPhone Data

How to Completely Reset iPhone Settings and Erase iPhone Data

How to Reset iPhone Settings – Get the Most Out of This Trick

The question of how to completely reset iPhone settings has been asked many times before. Many people who bought this nifty little phone never imagined requiring a total reset one day. Most people who have iPhone data on their devices are somewhat familiar with resetting the device. This process allows them to erase all data from the phone and start fresh. If you want to reset your iPhone completely, you need to follow the below instructions carefully.

First things first, you need to turn your iPhone off. Usually, pressing the home button will bring up the Restore tab when you are in an iPhone program. By turning this option on, you will see the arrow pointing towards the Save/Reset iTunes preferences.

Next, you will need to highlight the item you want to restore. If you have a SIM card, you will have to click on the plus sign next to the name of the thing you want to convert. If you have a contract for the SIM card, you will have to click on the pencil symbol next to the name. When you are done, you can now proceed to the restore button.

Now that you have your items selected, you have to touch the start button to begin the resetting process. Keep in mind that this will not erase the current data on your phone. This is to clear out all the stored settings on the phone before the restore function. However, you can still use these settings by using the tap switches for brightness and volume control.

After successfully restoring your iPhone, you need to connect your computer to the iPhone’s USB cable. You will then have to plug the cable into the USB port of your computer. Once your computer detects your iPhone, you can then proceed to the restore feature, which can be accessed through the main menu of your phone. To start, select the default or the option that has been positioned at the top of your screen. If you want to reset your iPhone completely, you can then tap on the Continue option. If you do not have any preference, you should select the manual option.

Next, tap on the backup option and follow the onscreen prompts. This is important so that if your iPhone becomes infected with any virus, the phone can still be restored to its working condition. In case you forget to backup your phone, you need to do so right away. Otherwise, you will face a lot of losses.

The last step is to go to the main menu and select the restore from the flash option. You have to choose the older copy of the settings, which can still be on your phone. You have to repeat this step to complete the process of how to reset iPhone settings completely. By selecting the restore from the external flash device, you can then take advantage of the reset button with the external flash drive.

When you have completed all of these steps, you can then go ahead and restart your iPhone for the changes to take effect. This will help to completely wipe out any of the changes that were made to your Settings. It is important to remember that resetting your Settings will not completely wipe them out. You will only get to keep the settings you had when you first bought your iPhone. This means that you will still have some options left that you can use to restore your iPhone to its earlier functional state.