Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone. The value is missing

Itunes Could Not Connect To This Iphone. The value is missing

iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing.

iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing. Well, have you experienced such a problem? what does it mean and how can you solve it? After unboxing your Smartphone including iPhone, it is really important to read the instructions. Yes, it is to ease you when there are some problems to experience later. Undeniably, products from Apple brand are famous for their good performance. However, it doesn’t mean that they are free from troubles.

iTunes itself is a very important software for iOS users. It is due to the iTunes’ “duty” to bridge between iPhone and other devices. In general, if you have certain iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, you must install iTunes in PC and others. But the problem is that iTunes cannot recognize iPhone or iPad to connect. This way, data transfers are impossible to do. But you must not worry; there are some ways to do to solve this problem. Check them out.

Use the Original Cable

One of the most common reasons why iPhone cannot be detected in iTunes is that you are not using the original cable. In many cases, the random cables indeed cannot work well on iOS devices. So, why don’t you try to use the original one? in case that the original cable has been damaged, you can buy the new one in the official store for Apple products.

To make sure whether the problem is really caused by the cable or not, you can borrow your friend’s first. If it is clear that this is the main problem, you may plan to buy a new original cable.

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Clean Ports and Connectors

Even after using original cables, you may not connect iPhone to computers or other devices. It is seen from iTunes cannot detect the presence of your iPhone. So, what is to do next? You should clean the Lightning ports in both iPhone and connector. Not to forget, the USB ports and connectors on the edge of the cable must also be cleaned as well as possible.

So, how is to clean it? You can provide a small rug and the special liquid for cleaning electronic devices. After moistening the rug using the liquid, you can rub the connectors gently with them. Make sure there is no dirt and dust as well as the stain that is attached on this area.

Try to connect it to other iPhones

Have the devices not connected to each other yet? The next thing to do is connecting the cable you use to another iPhone. You can see there whether other iPhones also have the same problems with the same cable. If yes, it means the problem is really because of your cable. But if it is not, it means there is something wrong in your iPhone.

Of course, the problem is bigger when the damage is located on your Smartphone. When it is because of the cable, sure, all you need to do is replacing it with a new one. For problems in Smartphone, you can continue to investigate it through some steps below.

Update the Driver

For the users of Mac computers, you must not be confused about the iTunes Driver. Yes, it is because the driver has been available automatically. This way, you don’t need to download the iTunes driver by yourself.

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But if you are the users of Windows PC, the problem can be around the iTunes driver installed in the device. It is indeed common for iTunes cannot recognize iPhone and iPad this way. The solution is updating your iTunes Windows on the PC. The update process is not too long and only in some minutes it is completed. Check it by connecting them anyway.

Go to the Apple Service Center

After all things you have done above and they are not working, the only way is going to the Apple Service Center. You can share your problems and the staff will check the phone’s condition to find out the problems.

After checking and diagnosing, there are some matters that cause problems. For example, your device is indeed damaged in the area of inner connector. Therefore, it needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, in the worse condition, your iPhone can be not original. Those are steps to solve the problem: iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. The value is missing.