List of Fruits to Avoid In Diabetes

List of Fruits to Avoid In Diabetes

Healthy Diet For Diabetic Person: List of Fruits to Avoid In Diabetes

Diabetes has become the most dreaded offshoots in this modern life where people prefer consuming the fast food with no consideration of calories or sugar intake per day. When the condition gets worsened, diabetics should have so much concern on the dietary balance for healthy lifestyle. All food and many kinds of fruits consumed every day possess different rate of sugar absorption in the body. Some fruits are considered to be safe while the rest may be detrimental for the diabetics. To deal with it, you need to know fruits to avoid in diabetes so that you can still manage your blood sugar level stays normal.

3 Fruits to avoid in Diabetes

Under the instruction of the dietitian or personal doctor, there are some fruits to avoid in diabetes so that you can have safely plan diets. It is because the fruits have the high Glycemic Index that will be digested fast so and release the energy rapidly. These kinds of foods cannot regulate the blood sugar level all the time. So, you have to take into account about the GI value contained in the fruits and below are some fruits to avoid in diabetes due to the hi-GI content.

1.Some large fruits

If you go to supermarket, you will find the larger fruit in size that means all these fruits may contain of carbs per serving. In dealing with fruits to avoid in diabetes, diabetics are supposed to consume the carbohydrates moderate because it greatly affects to the raise of blood sugar in the body. Some of the best examples of large fruits to avoid are large apples with over 30g of carbs, big oranges, mangoes, papayas and melon. Make sure to consume not more than ½ cup per day.

2. Fruit processed into juice

Some people prefer drinking juice to eating the whole fruit. But, you have to know that juice may lose some important nutrient due to its process. Fiber is one of the nutrients that you no longer find in fruit juices. This gives the big impacts on the quicker rise of the blood sugar. Without wishing to set aside the fruits to avoid in diabetes, just take the low carbs whole fruits.

3. Dried fruits

Talking about fruits to avoid in diabetes, you are also forbidden to consume the dried fruits, because they contain of high carbs. If you really want to eat them, make sure to eat not more than 1 – 2 tablespoons. Since dried fruits have less water, they will take less space in your belly so that it will contribute to the people for overeating. When you consume dried banana, dried cranberries, dried raisins or dried figs, you have made an attempt to add 50 – 60 grams of carbs.

Many dietitians may suggest you some beneficial fruits to eat when you have diabetes, but there are so many kinds of fruits to avoid in diabetes. It is important to follow what they have suggested and be sure to go for regular exercise as well. Such activity will maintain your blood sugar level remains steady.