Little Alchemy How To Make Stone

Little Alchemy: How to Make Stone and Other Materials

Little Alchemy How To Make Stone

Little Alchemy how to make stone? In the real world, you are probably a common person. However, you can turn into a professional chemist through a game entitled Little Alchemy. There are two game series of Little Alchemy available currently. They are Little Alchemy and Little Alchemy 2. Basically, both games have the same rules. It is by combining two components from nature to produce one particular item. Although the game sounds simple, yet, very scientific, it is fun. 

An Interesting Experimental Game

Little Alchemy

Talking about the genre of the game, it can be said that Little Alchemy is an experimental game. As it has been mentioned above, the game lets players to blend and combine the materials available to form the new one. For the series of Little Alchemy 2, the developer, Recloak has enlarged the group of materials on the game. Therefore, it feels more fun. Sure, what the player must do is to invent new materials and solve problems provided inside.

Does it sound easy? Well, when you are playing it, you can just find that it is not as easy as it seems. Yes, there are around 720 materials provided in the game. Then, you must invent a new material that is commonly only composed of 2 or 3 materials. This is how some players must be failed also and restarting it from the beginning.

Purpose of the Game

Every developer must have particular reasons why they create and develop a game. Yes, it is true, the main purpose must be to let players come in, download it, and enjoy the game. This way, the developer can just get a profit from that. However, it is not as easy as it seems. The game they develop must be unique and really fun. This is how the game can be getting more and more popular in the future.

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Little Alchemy itself is very fun and interesting because of its uniqueness. You don’t need to run or kill enemies in the game. All you need to do is just experimenting and invent a new material. The new material you make can also be composed of another material to create another new material.

In the game, there is a task to create a certain material. You must experiment to create it. The process is not only once or twice. To create a material, you even need to pass through even 5 processes. But sure, this is really challenging. There is a tip for you who are just starting to play Little Alchemy. You can combine the same components or materials to create energy anyway. 

A Relaxing Background Sound

Just like other games, Little Alchemy also has a background sound. But instead of using a backsound that feels really enthusiastic, this one is more relaxing. The reason behind the backsound choice is not known. However, there is a big possibility that it is because of the type and the idea of the game itself. Imagine that you are working in a laboratory with all the components and materials to blend. Since you need to be careful, it seems better if your job there is accompanied by a very relaxing backsound.

Unfortunately, there is no way for the players to change the music backsound. Meanwhile, there is only one option of the backsound. Therefore, if you are playing it all the time, you probably finally feel bored after that. Well, if this is your problem, it is not a big deal. You can mute the music and continue to play the game silently.

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Offline and Free

To enjoy the game, you can access and download it for free on your Smartphone. Besides, you don’t need an internet connection all the time when you are playing with it. Sure, it is except you want to upgrade it. However, it is possible that you can continue to play the game because it feels very difficult. Yes, you just don’t know what materials to use to make a new one. This way, you can buy a premium currency only to use in Little Alchemy namely Research Points.

So, what are the benefits of having Research Points? There are some clues related to the materials to combine with the new ones. If you don’t want to spend your real money on the game, you should not worry. There is another option. You can watch an advertisement video. For the lovers of Little Alchemy, there is an encyclopedia to buy and learn about. The encyclopedia has many components in the game.

A Good Game for Touchscreen Media

The game can be played using various gadgets or media. But sure, using a smartphone is the best choice for its easiness and practicality. To play it, you can just pull the materials on the game area and drop them in turns. Then, only in some seconds, the new materials are formed.

How to Make a Stone in Little Alchemy?

There are some formulas of the game. Well, it is actually better if you are passing through some failures in the game and invent the new material yourself. But if now, you are just giving up. Here are some formulas for you. For Little Alchemy how to make stone, the materials you need are Air and Lava. 

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Air + Air = Pressure

Air + Steam = Cloud

Air + Pressure = Wind and Atmosphere

Air + Cloud = Sky

Air + Stone = Sand

Water + Water = Sea

Water + Sea = Ocean

Water + Fire = Steam

Water + Earth = Mud

Water + Air = Rain, and still many more.

If you are taking a look at some formula above, creating new materials is quite easy and logical. You can see around and try to guess the materials by yourself. Well, mud, in the real life, is indeed the blend of soil on the ground and water. That’s why; in Little Alchemist, the materials to form it are also not so much different. The same thing is also when you want to make stones. Stone is indeed formed from lava that has been frozen for real. That’s why; you need lava and air to form it.