The Work Process of Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Talking about Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator is perfectly right at this time. Surely, we are not strange with the word of Bluetooth. All right, we surely find it in devices we have such as a smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, and the others to share any file. Well, the problem is that not all Bluetooth can connect well and immediately. So, we need a Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator. What is it? Ok, before discussing more it, we should know what is Bluetooth generally.

Definition of Bluetooth in General

Bluetooth is exactly a media device of communication in which it is usually used to connect the device of communication with the other devices of communication devices. Then, generally, Bluetooth is used on PCs or computers, mobile phones, tablets, and others. The function of Bluetooth is to facilitate the user when having the intention to give or share some files or audios, also replace the use of some cables and the others. Currently, Bluetooth is mostly used in many kinds of devices.

Well, such as said before, although this device is really helpful, sometimes it has incompatibility in which it sometimes can not communicate or connect to other devices immediately. To overcome this kind of problem, we can use a Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator as the best solution. Let’s get to know more about it!

Definition of Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Well, it is important for us to understand what is Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator exactly. Actually, it is a set of protocols, or it can be said as a guideline or standard sets set in which it is used to facilitate and also organize the transfer of data between many devices of remote Bluetooth. Then, the Bluetooth Enumerator can be referred to as the adapters or Bluetooth dongles, which is one of the computer hardware which has a function to be a medium for the communication of wireless with many other devices. For example, one computer with another computer, one computer with another laptop or even a computer with a phone in which the aim is to share or send any file or document.

How the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Works?

Well, as a device of adapter wireless, the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator enables computers or PC, or other devices to connect or communicate with other devices of Bluetooth such as mobile phones, keyboards, and mice which although the computers or PC do not have embedded Bluetooth. This Bluetooth Enumerator exactly has a radio of Bluetooth in which it sends the signals of electronic out which the Bluetooth device translates into a code of binary or a zero series which can be understood by a system of a computer.

Then, this Bluetooth Enumerator only operates on the latest operating systems of windows and also especially Windows XP. This kind of Bluetooth Enumerator is able to connect the devices which do not have an embedded Bluetooth to the devices with embedded Bluetooth in which the distance is not more than 100 meters.

The Ways to Uninstall a Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Well, not all users need this Bluetooth Enumerator. If you think that this device is not really needed on the business computer of yours because, in your mind, this device has interfered with your other devices of Bluetooth, you may use the interface of Device Manager to disable the Bluetooth Enumerator in a short time. Follow the steps below!

At first, you should click start. Then, search Control Panel and click it. If you have found and clicked it, click the Hardware & Sound for the next. Then, find the word of Device Manager and click it.

Next, make sure that you click the node of Bluetooth with a double click to view the devices of Bluetooth.

Then, you have to find Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Click on the right side. Then, choose Properties which is in the menu of context for opening the window of Properties.

After that, you should click the tab of Driver on the Properties window’s top for switching to it.

The last, you need to click the button of Disable. Then, select Yes. It is for your action confirmation that you really intend to disable your Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.

What do you think of this process? It is so fast, right? Yes, it is. Well, if you think that you need the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator, just use it. But, if you don’t, just disable it such these steps. Enjoy your work!