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Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In

Have you ever heard about Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In? Maybe some of you ever heard about this before and probably it is still new for common people. Microsoft Office File Validation is one of the parts in the Microsoft office. We usually called Microsoft Office File Validation as OVF. So, are you ready for the next discussion below? And here is the detail of Microsoft File Validation that you can read below.

What You Should Know About Microsoft Office File Validation Add-InĀ 

The big company or we knew it as Microsoft has been launched two security reports which involved the solution of the problems and its security update in April. This month, the big company Microsoft launched a device that assists to protect the formerly versions of Office. Microsoft Office File Validation (OVF) checks and confirms some Word files made from the Microsoft Office versions 2003 and 2007. By checking and searching any deformity files that worked by some hackers to spread any malware. Microsoft Office File Validation helps the Microsoft Office and installed as an Office add-in. And this feature also available in Microsoft Office 2010.

Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In is a feature of security which was launched in the Microsoft Office 2020. OVF could assist prevent and the unnamed binary file format that comes into Microsoft Office 97-200 formats of file. Therefore, while you open a file with Microsoft Office 97-2003 binary file (like .doc) this file will be compared into a binary scheme. If the result of file validation failed, you will get a notification that this document would be compiled together. Whether in the system of Office 2003 and 2004, you will receive about the notification of the file status and could to consider whether the file will be opened or to be canceled. For the brief explanation about Microsoft Office File Validation, this kind of software has the aim to connect between an add on of Windows Firewall and the internet.

The Protection of Microsoft Office File Validation

Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In assists, search and against a type of dangerous file as malware. This software also assists prevent malware by validating and scanning the files before it continues to be opened. While validating the files, the Microsoft Office File Validation checking between the predefined schema and the files structure, which is a kind of set that regulate and explain what a readable file is. Therefore, if the OVF confirms that a file structure is not appropriate with the regulations which are explained in the schema, the file itself could not pass the session of validation. As a result, if the files are failed in the session of validation, the files would not be opened. Instead, the notification will appear and the users have to click the warming indication which is a sign of the files that could be dangerous to be opened.

The Steps to Change Microsoft Office File Validation Settings

When you want to change some settings in the Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In, the existence of a registry key setting is important to this matter. A registry key setting has a goal to permit the administrators to alternate on how the documents have the result of a failed validation. You can change the registry setting with the following steps that you can apply to OVF. The first one is prompt user and block files, if the files failed in the validation and could not be opened, the user has to choose the option, whether to open the file or not. There is a difference between the steps in Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 with Microsoft Office 2010. While In Microsoft Office 2010, if the files are failed in the validation, the user must click some steps of warning notifications before they can continue to open the file and doing editing. The second one is completely blocking the files, the files which are failed in the session of validation, are preventable to open.

Now you had been already known about Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In, the protection of Microsoft Office File Validation, and the steps to change Microsoft Office File Validation settings. You can learn about this matter by checking your Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In so that you can understand this clearly.