Microsoft Rewards Reddit: How to Get Rewards Points

Microsoft Rewards Reddit: How to Get Rewards Points and It Relations to Reddit

If you are a loyal user of Microsoft, surely you will not pass one of Microsoft’s flagship programs to promote its products positively. The program is called Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft Reward, or formerly called Bing Rewards, is a program that is free and is given to Microsoft users who are loyal and actively use Microsoft products or are officially downloaded from Microsoft. One of the Microsoft Rewards that is often obtained, especially those who like discussion forums, is Microsoft Rewards Reddit.

What is Microsoft Rewards?

As stated earlier that before becoming Microsoft Rewards, this award program from Microsoft was named Bing Rewards. Bing Rewards was first launched in 2010. This program was launched for those who frequently and faithfully use Bing, a search engine developed by Microsoft. With this program, Microsoft intends to increase the use of Bing as a default search engine site by internet users.

This Bing Rewards program gives members or users a free point. This point is given when they use Bing as a search engine site. The points collected can later be exchanged directly with a variety of attractive digital prize choices, such as films, applications, games, or gift cards. Or, you can also redeem your points as a lottery coupon which will be used as a ticket to win a grand prize that is monthly and yearly.

Microsoft Rewards Reddit, however, in 2016, Microsoft changed the name of this program to Microsoft Rewards. This is based on Microsoft’s understanding to facilitate users in getting rewards points. With this name change, besides using Bing, rewards points can be obtained by using, buying, and downloading various applications and games via the Microsoft Store online.

Currently, Microsoft Rewards is a program that is still Microsoft’s mainstay to attract public interest in using Microsoft products. This program is also one of the programs to encourage many people to use the newest operating system, namely Windows 10. To follow this program is very easy. You simply log in using your Microsoft account, then start using Bing as your main search engine or shop via the Microsoft Store online. The more you use it, the more points you get.

Using Reddit

Do you know what Reddit is? Reddit is a site for discussion and web content rating developed in the United States. Through this site, you can discuss various topics that are very discussed throughout the world. You can also communicate and discuss with various Reddit users throughout the world.

Microsoft Rewards Reddit, by using Reddit, you can be the creator of the topic you want to discuss or just be a commentator. You can post your opinions on this site for discussion or you post a link that contains images, videos or sites. If you just want to comment, you can give your reply opinion in the available forums or give an assessment by giving up or voted down on the various forums that you follow.

Reddit is a discussion site that is a favorite of many internet users around the world. This is caused by the use of this site which is simple and accommodates many discussion topics, such as news, science, music, books movies, health, food, etc. This site also sometimes becomes a reference on what is the hottest topic based on your interests. This is based on the discussion forum that appears at the beginning is the most commented discussion forum and given a vote so that you can easily follow it (commonly called a subreddit).

Microsoft Rewards and Reddit

Microsoft Rewards and Reddit have a relationship with each other. As previously written, you will get rewards points as one of Microsoft’s programs. You will also get this point when you intend to use Reddit. You can get points for searching Reddit sites via Bing. Also, you can get points for searching via the online Microsoft Store. However, you will not find an official Reddit application in the store. You will find various applications developed by third parties to make it easier for you to follow the Reddit forum.

You can also find Microsoft Rewards Reddit on Reddit itself. On Reddit, there is a community that specifically discusses this Microsoft Rewards. In this community, there are many forums or subreddits that you can join about Microsoft Rewards. Some of the favorite forums are discussing FAQs about Microsoft Rewards, forums about apps or games resulting in the redemption of rewards points earned, special rewards points on special days, etc. Until December 2019, the Microsoft Rewards forum has 16,000 members.