Microsoft Word Not Responding – How To Fix

Microsoft Word Not Responding

What to Know About Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the common features used by many people that designed by Microsoft. It already helps so many people in the entire world to create a certain document. So, let’s talk about its features until to solve the problem if Microsoft Word Not Responding.

How to start it? First, make sure that you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. When you open your computer, then you will see it on your desktop or you can search by click “Start” menu and try to type “Microsoft Office Word (year)”. Double click it. Once you get there, then it will show you options of template or a blank document that you can choose according to your needs. If you just need to choose the blank document and then click it and you are ready to type.

How to save a document? After you already finished with your work, so it is time to save it. You can choose the “File” menu on the top left-hand corner. After that, choose “Save”. You can save this document to any folder that you want it to be saved. Microsoft Word will automatically give this word a name according to the first sentence of your file. Do not worry, you can delete the name and just type the name of your file. After you give the file a name, then click the “Save” button at the bottom. Do you wonder the function of “Save As”? It uses to “resave” the existing document under another name. It will be useful if you want to keep your original files while on the other hand you want to change something in that file. Keep on reading to fix if your Microsoft Word Not Responding.

Features There are a lot of features that you will find if you use Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word can check spelling and grammar errors. It depends on what is the language you set for your word. Let say the language is English when your grammar is incorrect, then the sentences will have a green underline or if your spelling is incorrect, it will be red underline. You can just block the word that is incorrect and right-click to your mouse and then it will show you the right one. If you have not activated this feature, you can go to the “Review” tab and then click “Spelling and Grammar” on the top left-hand corner. When you want to create a citation, it will be hard to imagine if you need to type it manually and on by one. Do not worry, you can go to the “References” tab and find “Insert Citation” in the Citations & Bibliography group. Click “Add new source”. There you can choose the type of source, such as a book, websites, performance, film, interview, and many more. After that, you can just fill the tab that needs to be filled. Repeat it if you want to add another source. If in case you have any mistakes in it, then you can easily edit it by click “Manage Source”. After all are done, go to the same group, which is Citations and Bibliography and then click Bibliography. The last thing is you choose “Bibliography” instead of “Work Cited” and then the bibliography will appear completely.  Let’s go to the way to fix Microsoft Word Not Responding.

Microsoft Word Not Responding? Do not panic in a hurry. There are several reasons why it is not responding. The first one is because the file is damaged, an incompatible add-in, software or hardware issues, there is bugs or virus in your PC and the file has been corrupted. If you try to save a file and then it happened, the first solution you need to do is be patient, do not in a hurry click here or there or it will be more damaged. If it not works, we can go to the second solution, which is going to the Safe Mode. After that, disable the add-ins. Select “File” and then Options, after that you go to Add-Ins. Choose the Go button. Click clear the check boxes next to the Add-ins and then select OK. After you do that, restart the application in normal mode.

How was it? Now you have already known the reason why and how to solve if the Microsoft Word Not Responding.