Fixing Options to Middle Mouse Button Not Working

Fixing Options to Middle Mouse Button Not Working

The mouse has always been very helpful, even when you use a laptop, how the mouse makes every action easier is irreplaceable. Not everybody has extra mouse in their possession, so what are you going to do when you encounter a problem such as your middle mouse button not working all of the sudden in the middle of important things you do with your computer and mouse? Not only your work will be interrupted or even stopped, but this can also feel frustrated.

Why is it not working?

Feeling frustrated, annoyed or even sad, you will want to know the reason why. When the middle mouse button not working there will be several possible causes that make this damage happen, but the exact problem is kind of difficult to find out. Therefore, there are several ways to fix it based on what the cause is. Some of the possible cause is the issue on the hardware, the issue of the connection inside the mouse, or corruption in the mouse driver. You can also check your browser, see if it’s too old so that you need to update it.

The solutions

Here, we provide several solutions to fix the problem of the middle mouse button not working and you can try them according to what the cause is or just to see what is the cause.

1. Hardware problem

The case of the middle mouse button not working may be caused by the problem in the hardware. The choice is to check the mouse itself to see if the problem indeed comes from the mouse. To know if it is a hardware problem, you can unplug the mouse from the computer you use now and plug it to another laptop or computer. Check if the mouse can work on the other laptop or computer. If the mouse work, then the problem can be the connection from your computer to the mouse or an issue with the software.

However, if it does not work even with other computers then the problem lay on the mouse. To fix the problem, you need to open the mouse to check if there is a problem with the components inside the mouse. This should be done by someone with enough computer and repairing skills. The components could be different from one and another hardware or one and other manufactures. If this is too much, you can process returning policy if the product is under warranty.

2. Hardware troubleshooting

There is a built-in troubleshooter that can help you to find the problem in the hardware and help to fix it. you can run this troubleshooting by doing these steps. First, you should open the Control Panel in the computer find Troubleshooting and click it. Next, you click the Hardware and Sound and choose Hardware and devices after that. To start your troubleshooting click on Next and follow the instructions. Lastly, restart the computer to find out if the mouse works properly. 

3. Driver Update

The issue can be caused by the mouse driver which is outdated. In this case, you should update the latest version of the mouse driver. you can do it by download the update version of the mouse driver and then install it on the computer or laptop to deal with the issue. 

Here is how to do it on windows 10, to update the driver find Device Manager on the search box, after you click it, select the category to find the name of the device. Right-click on the device you wish to update. Find Search automatically for Updated Software and click it. Next, Select on Update Driver. 

4. Registry settings

Check if the mouse settings in the registry editor are correct. Because this can also be the cause of why the middle mouse button not working. To modify the settings you can do as follows. First press the Windows logo key and letter “R” at the same time to open the Run box. Then type Regedit and click on OK. Once you are on the Registry editor click on HKEY_CURRENT_Use and find Control Panel and then Desktop. In the right pane, click any area and highlight the WheelScrollLines by pressing the arrow up and down on your keyboard and double-click it. on the Value data column, write 3 and click OK. Finish it by restarting the computer and see if the mouse works.