Mongolian Stir Fry Near Me


Restaurants near Me that Serve Mongolian Stir Fry

This article will mention several restaurants that serve Mongolian stir fry near me that you should visit, and these restaurants will be located around New Jersey and areas near it. Actually, Mongolian stir fry is more commonly known as Mongolian barbeque, although it is cooked by stir-frying the dish. It is unknown why it is called as barbeque. Oh, by the way, the cuisine, although has a “Mongolian” in its name, it does not originate from that country, but from Taiwan in the early fifties. Nonetheless, it is a very delicious dish that you should try!

  1. Magic Grill Mongolian BBQ

There is no way we can talk about Mongolian stir fry in New Jersey without mentioning this restaurant. This place has been successfully playing in the business for 26 years since the restaurant is so awesome! The reasons why it is awesome are that the foods are great, the service is satisfying, and the price is not too expensive. From its name, we can assume that the restaurant specializes in serving Mongolian barbeque, and it is true. However, the foods you can find there are not just that since the restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes, but it only serves Asian foods. This place, however, does not serve alcohol since it is a BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurant.

So, what about the Mongolian stir-fry served here? The reason why it is mentioned as one of the restaurants that serve Mongolian stir fry near me is that the stir-fry is absolutely tasty. Besides, you can make your own grill by choosing which meat, vegetables, tofu, and others else to be grilled by the staff there. Not only do the ingredients are fresh but also taste great. The sauces offered here are second to none and their authenticity is not to be questioned! Besides, you can get a huge portion of Mongolian stir-fry by paying for seven to eight dollars only!

Address    : 104 North Avenue, Garwood, New Jersey 07027

Phone number    : +109087892110

Open hours    : 11:30 AM-9:30 PM

  1. P J Lee’s

The next restaurant you can visit to enjoy Mongolian stir fry in New Jersey is P J Lee’s. The reason why the restaurant is worth visiting is that the selection of food you can eat is absolutely gigantic and the price you have to pay is not too expensive, although Magic Grill is still cheaper. Well, what are the foods you can find in the restaurant? Well, just like other typical Mongolian restaurants, P J Lee’s serves a wide variety of meats and vegetables, and they also serve ice cream pies! Not much to say about how the place looks like, but it is clean and neat. Also, the owner and the crews are absolutely friendly.

The Mongolian stir fry is delicious and you can choose how big your portion you would want to eat since it is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, a typical serving way that you can find in a Mongolian restaurant which serves Mongolian stir fry near me. You can choose whether you want to eat beef, chicken, pork, or even all of them if you like! There are many kinds of sauce you can choose as the condiment of your dish, and all of them will never disappoint you.

Address    : 706 New Jersey 70 Brick, New Jersey 08723

Phone number    : +17322620002

Open hours    : 11:30 AM-10:30 PM

  1. P.F. Chang’s Asian Cuisine & Chinese Food Restaurants

Now, let’s talk about one of the P.F. Chang’s franchises located in New Jersey, USA. This franchise has been popular in the country and it can be found in almost all of the states in the United States of America. As you can see from its name, you can find a lot of Asian cuisines here, ranging from Japanese to Thai (they do not any Indonesian cuisine, though). Although spring rolls are the specialty of this restaurant, the Mongolian stir fry would not disappoint you! Besides, you can take your time and sit here for quite a long time since the place is so comfortable and wide. By the way, finding a place to park your ride would not be a problem since the restaurant has a big parking lot.

As mentioned earlier, Mongolian stir-fry is not the specialty of this restaurant. However, the reason why it is worth to be put inside the list of restaurants that serve Mongolian stir fry near me is that the Mongolian stir fry here is far from lackluster. Unfortunately, although it has a great taste, the restaurant does not offer an all-you-can-eat service. Which means, the portion of the Mongolian stir fry you can order is always fixed and cannot varies in terms of size. It makes the dish here has a higher price compared to the previous restaurants.

Address    : 10 Port Imperial Boulevard, West New York, New Jersey 07093

Phone number    : +12018667790

Open hours    : 11:00 AM-11:00 PM

  1. Dragonfly

Now, let’s mention this fashionable restaurant. The restaurant which serves Mongolian stir fry near me is considered to be fashionable since it utilizes lamps that are quite dim as its lightings. Okay, that sounds pretty good, but what about the foods served here, are they worth it to eat? Well, the foods served here are absolutely delicious and they are worth it to eat! The restaurant serves a wide variety of Asian foods to, but apparently, their main specialties are the Japanese sushi and the Mongolian grill. The variation, although not as diverse as P.F. Chang’s offers, there are still a lot of them.

Since Mongolian stir-fry is one of their two specialties, you can expect that the quality is high. Well, that’s true; you can order and eat a plate of delicious Mongolian stir fry in this place. However, it is advised that you pick the beef as your grill since it tastes the best.

Address    : 661 W. Edgar Road, Linden, New Jersey 07036

Phone number    : +19082903645

Open hours    : 11:30 AM-10:45 PM

Well, those are the restaurants that serve Mongolian stir-fry around New Jersey. Each of them provides foods with a high level of quality that you can enjoy. Well, have you decided which restaurant which serves Mongolian stir fry near me you want to visit?