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Heritage DNA Test

Reritage Dna Test Cost

Recently, people would like to know better about their ancestors as well as their origin that many of them would like to know about heritage DNA test cost. The crazy demands have pushed the developers and scientists to create ancestry DNA test, especially the last decade. The market has grown so competitive that it is able for everyone to carry out the test even at home, easy access and advanced efficiency. However, even if the heritage DNA test cost is not the main problem here—considering the range is various with many options of tests, you should look more closely, whether or not you are ready to break down all the pros and cons of taking the test itself!

Is Knowledge A Blessing or A Curse?

First thing first you need to question yourself is: are you ready to unveil every fact about yourself? Once the result of the heritage DNA test comes out, you will receive complete, detailed information regarding your ethnicity, origin and even ancestry. Your family background might surprise you, because it might be so different from what you think you are. With your permission, some DNA testing service will also allow other people to contact to you, if the both of you have the possibility of sharing the same blood. Some people might find it thrilling, to discover a new thing about them; however, some others find it rather disturbing, because a stranger or even someone you adore is actually related to you.

Besides that, taking a DNA test will also expose you to the condition of your health, which automatically means it will also give you any information about diseases. This is possible because after you understand better about your own genetic predisposition, you will be well informed about what kind of illness you have or might develop in the future, including serious disease such as cancers and tumors. However, not every result is 100%, and thus, it might increase your stress level. It might even be better if you discuss it with a trustworthy doctor about the health issue.

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Types of Heritage DNA Tests

Basically, the test is pretty much simple, for it only needs a sample of your saliva or your blood. Those samples contain all the genetic data, before you can ship it to the service provider. However, there are some types of the tests. First, the test is called SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), where they measure the variations of the genes and do genotyping. The other test is Autosomal DNA testing, a condition where they trace back the bloodlines, from both your father and mother. The third is Y-DNA, a test that can only applied to men, because it only looks back to the paternal ancestors or basically the males in your family. The last one is mtDNA; in contrast to Y-DNA, mtDNA traces back the matrilineal family tree through the females, such as your mother and grandmother.

After you know which kind of test you will take, it will be better if you look into the service provider deeper as well. Not only is it important because of the heritage DNA test cost, the focus of each provider is also different. Some are conducted to discover more about your health, while some more concern on your origin. Here are a few DNA test service that are recommended!


The name takes after 23 pairs of chromosomes, in which it has various types of tests: autosomal, Y-DNA, mtDNA as well as health test. The basic heritage DNA test cost is only $99, which will reveal everything about the ancestry tree. However, if you want to earn the health information, you have to pay $199 for the whole package. Plus, you have to take out $9.95 extra for shipping. The cost might seem expensive, but it is worth it, because they have 1 million match data base with over 650,000 autosomal SNP carried out. This is important, for the wider the data base is, the higher the possibility of meeting your relatives. Not only that, the full report includes carrier status report, genetic health risk report both for diseases or disabilities, as well as status quo and trait reports, of how healthy you are. They also have 31 regions to locate your ancestors geographically as your data will be stored on their servers forever – making it possible for you to still be contacted by your potential family after years have passed.

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The kind of tests they have are autosomal and Y-DNA test. The heritage DNA test cost starts from $59, while in-depth tests might charge additional fee. HomeDNA is a decent DNA test service because it provides all kinds of tests you need, be it a test for your pets, to skin care or beauty test. It only takes $99 to find out what you are allergic to, such as pet and diet sensitivity, the same with skin care test. Meanwhile, for paternity, it costs $169 while makeup test costs $119. If you want to know your family historical background, you can conduct a deeper test; the price varies from $69 to $199. However, even if they have conducted 850,000 autosomal SNPs tests, there is no match data base about it. The result of the test will also be stored in their server for 25 years after purchase.

Ancestry DNA

If you are so eager to breakdown your family tree, then this test is perfect for you. Having over 5 million data base with 650,000 autosomal SNPs cases tested and 150 geographic regions, this test will link you to the great great great great grandparents you might never know. Only by taking out $69 and $9.95 shipping cost, they can link your result for free into their family tree servers. You can even download the full version of the test, free of charge, and upload it to other tools. After knowing the range of heritage DNA test cost, you can always pick one that you trust and have fun finding out your ancestors! You might be a relative of a very important person!

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