Chinese Restaurants Near Me That Deliver Foods

Chinese Restaurants Near Me That Deliver Foods

Restaurants Near Me That Deliver Foods

Have you, citizens of Charlotte, ever found yourself craving for Chinese foods and then you ask yourself “where can I find Chinese restaurants near me that deliver?”? If you asked yourself that question and you have been trying to find a good restaurant that delivers their food items, then let us help you in your quest, dear hungry people. We are here to tell you about the best Chinese restaurants in Charlotte that at the same time are able to deliver their food to your doorstep. There is no need for you to get out of your house if you decide to order food from these wonderful restaurants, folks.

With that being said, let us talk about the first restaurant on the list:

SOHO Bistro, 214 N Tryon St Ste 110

First things first, let us begin with the highest-rated Chinese restaurant in Charlotte, which is the Soho Bistro. While the name does not indicate any Chinese-ness whatsoever, this is actually a Chinese restaurant that provides a food delivery service if you ever require one. As the highest-rated Chinese restaurant in Charlotte, you can be sure that the food items here are cooked only by the best of Chinese food chefs.

The foods served in this restaurant are food items that you can find in most Chinese restaurants, though the selection is a bit bare. You can have appetizers such as edamame (which is not that Chinese but whatever), spring rolls, egg rolls, and crispy golden shrimps.

There is a variety of vegetarian dishes like sautéed bean sprouts with ginger, sha cha tofu, and kung pao tofu.

Those who prefer to eat meat instead of vegetables can have pork lo mein, chicken lo mein, beef lo mein, and many others.

The desert is a bit odd, though, because there is nothing Chinese about them at all. For deserts, you can get key lime pie, quadruple chocolate mousse pie, oreo cookie cheesecake, and much more.

The best restaurant to go to if you are looking to order a big batch of food for your office friends or other people.

88 China Bistro, 1620 A East Fourth St.

The second best restaurant to visit if Chinese food is what you are looking for. It sits on the second spot thanks to its wide selection of vegetable and fish-based food items, all of which taste delicious and will fill you up with a price that would not choke you too much.

Although the restaurant is known for serving foods for vegetarians and pescatarians, that does not mean you cannot get your dose of meat here. Meat-based food items such as General Tso’s chicken, beef with leeks, moo shu pork, and pork with garlic sauce, and many more are all available for you to order and to chow on.

Some people said that while Soho is the number one restaurant in Charlotte, this is the Chinese food restaurant near the place. They say that this place is even more authentic than Soho and, from the menu itself, we are inclined to believe just that.

Wang & King Asian Café at 10720 S Tryon St

If Chinese fusion food is what you are after, then look no further than Wang & King Asian Café. While Soho provides an (odd) mix of western and Chinese cuisine and 88 provides authentic Chinese food, Wang & King provides you a fusion of Chinese and basically foods from other countries.

You do not believe us? One of the items in their menu is sushi, and we all know how un-Chinese sushi is. Those sushi items, however, are the top-rated items that you can get in this restaurant, so if fusion foods are what you are hankering for, you can give Wang & King a go. Provides delivery to people near their area, too.

Wok BO 527 Little Rock Road Ste B

A good place to have a hearty lunch or dinner, Wok BO is a restaurant known for its nice price and nice place. The food items they are offering are not much, but they do make up for this with the best service that we have ever seen in a Chinese restaurant. Their best food item is the sesame chicken, which is popular amongst the crowd of Charlotte, and they will not charge you any fee if you decide to eat the food in your home.

The restaurants we have mentioned above before this one provides a sort of a fine dining look to it, but not this one. Instead of being too uptight with itself, Wok BO is very homey, which can sometimes be good for people who are only looking to eat and not to enjoy the sight.

Lotus café, 8610 Camfield St

The best place if you just want to get take-out food. The food items here are abundant, and you will definitely be at lost of what food you should pick because there are just so many foods there. They serve combo items, which is good if you are looking to get a lot of food for your money’s worth. They also provide you a selection of sauces, with all of them being Chinese in origin. You would not find any sort of western food here, which means it is the most authentic Chinese restaurant you can eat in Charlotte.

Though some have mentioned that this is not a good place if you want to dine in thanks to a lack of good spots to eat. Just go with delivery or order a take-out there if you want to order foods from here.

Cherry Blossom Chinese restaurant, 8206 Providence Rd Ste 1500

Cherry Blossom is hardly Chinese, but someone decided to name this Chinese restaurant with a name that is not Chinese at all.

Digression aside, this is a good Chinese restaurant in Charlotte. It is hardly authentic thanks to the addition of Western food items present in the menu, but it should not stop you from getting your food from the place. Even if the food is not authentic, it is still good and it can deliver the food items for you, which is the most important thing to have here.

To conclude this article…

Those are the restaurants that both serve delicious food items and are able to deliver your food to your doorstep. There are still other Chinese restaurants in Charlotte, but these six restaurants are what we think the best of the many restaurants. You would not be disappointed if you ever make an order in all of them. Hope your “where can I find Chinese restaurants near me that deliver?” question can be answered by this brief article, dear readers.