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The Reason why Microsoft Collect Personal Data from Its Users

Microsoft covers a variety of products including servers for enterprises, devices for residential, and software for students. Microsoft wants to make sure that you are using the programs, devices, and software safely without any serious problems. Due to this service, Microsoft has specific requirements including asking your personal information. Square root 123 explains it in detail. 

The Way Microsoft Collect Personal Data 

Microsoft needs to collect personal data from its users because they have to know the way the users use the program and the purposes of using the program. So, how does Microsoft collect personal data from the users? In general, the personal data from the users are collected while the users downloading, purchasing, and using specific programs, software, or gadget. When you are doing those three activities, you must include your personal data. Like it or not you must give your personal data to Microsoft so you get access to the products. Moreover, Microsoft can also get personal data by seeing the privacy setting of the users and the features they often use. How if you refuse to give your personal data to Microsoft? Actually, it is okay if you don’t want to input your personal data but you can’t use the products or features that you want. 

The purpose of Collecting Personal Data 

There are some reasons why Microsoft collecting your personal data. Let square root 123 explains the reason why Microsoft has to take your personal data. First, Microsoft wants to know the experience of the users after using the products, software, or programs. By collecting personal data, Microsoft knows who are the users and what they need. Second, because Microsoft knows the character of the users as well as what they need, Microsoft can provide valuable things to the users including new products, software update, security system, and any kind of support if there is any problem with the system. Third, Microsoft also knows exactly what they have to do while improving their products. As a result, Microsoft is able to share a product that fills the users need. Fourth, Microsoft needs to keep in touch with its users. It helps them to announce or promote a new product to the users. Microsoft can do it easily because they can directly send the announcement or promotion to your contact. 

Personal Data Gathering in the Internet Era

Gathering personal data in the internet era is much easier. Let say, Microsoft is using a specific system known as cookies. Cookies are small text files and it is placed on specific devices. The purpose of using cookies is to store data. Furthermore, cookies are also a valuable system that can protect the products from fraud as well as analyze the performance of the product. 

Besides using cookies, Microsoft is also using an additional data identifier known as an advertising ID. The users see the advertising ID in Windows. To support cookies, Microsoft also uses another system known as web beacons. The function of using web beacons is to deliver cookies and collect data. You will see Microsoft uses those data gathering systems anytime you visit the official website. Microsoft’s official website is using web beacons, cookies, and advertising ID to gather personal data accurately as well as to protect the official website from any problems including fraud.    

The information above gives you more understanding about the importance of gathering personal data as well as the reason why Microsoft has to gather personal data from the users. As a result, Microsoft can protect and fill the need of the users, whereas the users can use the programs comfortably and safely. Square root 123 is a portal that will give information about technology, system, software, programs, and many more.