Takoyaki Restaurants Near Me In Indonesia

Takoyaki Restaurants Near Me To Enjoy

Takoyaki Restaurants Near Me

There are several takoyaki restaurants near me that you probably should visit around the city of Semarang. Well, in this day, everybody knows and loves to enjoy a plate of takoyaki, a dish originates from Japan. The dish itself is formed like a ball and usually has a slice of octopus meat inside it. Well, let’s see the restaurants!

1.     Nagoya Resto

We open the list with a cheap restaurant, which is Nagoya Resto. Although it is cheap, it deserves a place in the list of takoyaki restaurants near me since the foods served in this place are delicious. Although the foods, especially the ramen and takoyaki, taste great, there is not much to look for in terms of other aspects. Well, if you take a look at the design of the place, you will notice that it has a bit of Japanese theme, but not entirely. Also, you need to make sure that you avoid coming here on busy hours since the parking area available is not too large. Well, at least the foods are cheap!

So, what about the takoyaki served in this restaurant? Although it is indeed that ramen is considered to be its specialty, the restaurant also did a good job when it comes to the takoyaki. It tastes absolutely delicious and its texture is always perfect. Although it is delicious, there are not many variants available here since there is only one menu of takoyaki you can spot in the menu. Nonetheless, if you wish for a cheap place to grab a takoyaki, this restaurant can always be a choice you can choose.

Address           : 22nd A Sirojudin Street, Tembalang district, Semarang

Phone number : +628151692220

Open hours      : 11:00 AM-9:00 PM

2.     Kedai Tokyo

Now, after we have visited a restaurant to buy a takoyaki, it is time have a taste of takoyaki that is sold by street vendors, and one of them is Kedai Tokyo. Since the street vendor has “Tokyo” in its name, you may assume that it sells Japanese foods! Well, your assumption is correct since it indeed sells several cuisines that originate from Japan. Actually, this vendor specializes in grilled squid (and it tastes awesome), but it also sells takoyaki, albeit it is slightly more expensive than the previous one mentioned, but is still relatively cheap. Well, since it is a street vendor, you better not be expecting too much to find any seat since although it has seats available, the number is so few.

Well, if you ask about the takoyaki, there is not much to say unless it tastes great. However, the variants offered here are based on the number of individual takoyaki served in one portion, not the ingredients. It means, there is only one takoyaki variation you can find in this place. Fortunately, the size is pretty big! Well, this place is worthy enough to be included in one of the best takoyaki restaurants near me due to the reasons mentioned above.

Address           : Warung Alley no. 50 Kauman, Central Semarang District, Semarang

Phone number : +6289659141488

Open hours      : 6:00 PM-11:00 PM (only opens on weekends)

3.     Huny Buny

After enjoying the taste and atmosphere provided by the street vendor mentioned earlier, now is the time to go back into indoor areas since the next takoyaki restaurants near me is located inside a mall. For a clearer detail, Huny Buny (not Hunny Bunny, it sounds weird indeed) is a food stall you can find inside the bridge that connects two malls together, which are Citraland Mall and Simpang Lima Plaza. Now, although the size of the stall is not too big, don’t let it deceive you because it has foods with great taste and quality. The stall serves only three kinds of foods, which are grilled sausage, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki. Each of them, fortunately, is not too expensive while still very tasty. Although the place is not too big, the hygiene is not too shabby.

Now, let’s discuss the takoyaki served here. Although it is delicious, it simply is not the best takoyaki you can find in the city since there are other places that serve takoyaki with better qualities. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest one either. Well, although it is not the cheapest, you can consider that it is still economical, though. If you wish for a better experience, you might want to order the okonomiyaki instead.

Address           : 3rd floor of Simpang Lima Plaza, 1st Ahmad Yani Street, Karangkidul Urban Village, Central Semarang District, Semarang

Phone number : +6285865440888

Open hours      : 10:00 AM-9:00 PM

4.     Jajan Manise Takoyaki

Since we have reviewed a dedicated restaurant, a street vendor, and a food stall in a mall, why don’t we review a diner now? If you think that it’s a good idea, then, you might want to visit Jajan Manise Takoyaki. Okay, when you visit the place, you will notice that it is a house that is transformed to be a place to sell foods, and in this case, the house has been transformed into a diner. Well, the foods served here are mostly of Indonesian cuisine, but it also, obviously, serves takoyaki, hence its name. As additional information, most of the Indonesian foods served here taste great, if not all of them. And it is a good fact that the prices are not too high.

The takoyaki served here has no special value at all. This is to be expected since it is not too expensive. If the price was higher, then, there is no positive point to make you buy the takoyaki served here. But if you are not satisfied with it, then do not worry! The Indonesian foods here taste so delicious, aside from the fact that it is cheap!

Address           : Kini Jaya Residence I no. 37, Kedungmundu Urban Village, Tembalang District, Semarang

Phone number : +6285600121213

Open hours      : 11:00 AM-10:00 PM (closes on weekends)

Well, those are the restaurants you can visit to enjoy takoyaki. Since it is naturally cheap, you can expect that you would not have to pay too much in order to purchase one. Well, have you decided which one of the takoyaki restaurants near me to visit?