Teriyaki Food Near Me That Delivery In Indonesia

Taste the Teriyaki Food Near Me that Delivery

In Negiya Donburi and Keyaki

Teriyaki Food Near Me That Delivery In Indonesia


Nowadays, there are more and more restaurants with Japanese-style beef dishes. That is why if you are searching for the “teriyaki food near me that delivery”, you can easily find more than one best Japanese restaurants that serve the menu and provide delivery service to their customers. One of them is this restaurant that has a reliable reputation, called Negiya Donburi.

Negiya Donburi, the Taste of Authentic Japanese Dishes

Negiya Donburi specializes in Japanese rice bowls. There are various types of donburi offered. Like white rice with processed chicken, shrimp, and salmon. The mainstay of the restaurant is in the form of shakes and donuts containing roasted tongue or beef on a bowl of rice. When you come to Negiya Donburi in Kota Kasablanka, you will find many visitors fill the tables and chairs of light brown polished wood. The dining area is divided into two, inside and outside the restaurant. The atmosphere presented is simple and warm because of the brown color that dominates the room decoration.

For you who are looking for a good teriyaki food near me that delivery, this restaurant seems to be the right choice. You can choose one or more dishes from the menu list, like Salmon Teriyaki, Salmon Miso, Original Beef Bowl, Japan Steak Don, Menya Gyutan Don, Ebi Katsu Don and many more. Menya Gyutan Don is the signature dish of this restaurant, It contains slices of beef tongue with savory flavor.

The other Delicious Don Menus

If you love the sweet taste, then the Gyutan Teriyaki Don is the recommended menu for you. you can enjoy this special dish by paying only 75 thousand rupiahs. This don is served in a bowl of white rice covered with pieces of beef tongue meat. If the other don is usually complemented by the thinly sliced meat, then this don uses much thicker meat.

The aroma of the grill with teriyaki stimulate your appetite through the sense of smell. On top of the Gyutan, you can see sliced onions, teriyaki sauce, and Beni Shoga. Beni Shoga is the Japanese term for red ginger pickles. The beef tongue is so tasty when chewed. The traces of the grill even makes it taste more and more savory. The presence of sweet teriyaki sauce, onions and ginger pickles is enough to cover any unpleasant smell of the beef tongue.

If you order the Teriyaki Don Gyutan dish, you will be given an additional salad dish as a compliment. Served in a small bowl, the salad contains slices of lettuce and spring onions. The fresh sour sauce poured on top of the fresh vegetables tastes a bit like kimchi spice. There seems to be a mixture of vinegar and red chili powder in it.

Another delicious menu that you can enjoy in this Japanese restaurant is the Chicken Togarashi Don, which can be enjoyed with only 45 thousand rupiahs. A rice bowl containing pieces of chicken with light brown spices is ready to satisfy your palate. The topping contains carrot slices, onions, green peppers, and spring onions as a compliment. Chili powder seemed to spread in the pieces of the chicken. The aroma is also so savory and fragrant.

Everyone will definitely like this light but a tasty stir-fried chicken dish. Because there is a slightly sweet blend of savory flavors. Tasted the trail of togarashi – a Japanese term for chili powder – and teriyaki-like sauce. This dish seems more suitable on the tongue of the Indonesian people. The chicken meat is very soft in texture and easy to eat. It will be much more delicious to eat with warm white rice.

For those who want to enjoy sweet dessert, Mochi Ice Cream is perfect to wash your palate. There is a choice of vanilla, tiramisu, mango, and red beans. Negiya Donburi Restaurant is located at Jl. Casablanca Raya Tebet, Jakarta. Or you can order via telephone on 021-29475226 / 27.  Well, if I want to taste a good teriyaki food near me that delivery, I will just stop at Negiya Donburi. What about you?

Enjoy the Teriyaki Dish in One of the Oldest Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

Japanese cuisine is so familiar on the tongue of most people in Jakarta. Japanese restaurants in Jakarta have been present for decades. One of them is Keyaki Japanese Restaurant that has been serving its customers for more than 40 years. Keyaki is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, which is located in the Sari Pan Pacific hotel in Jakarta. Keyaki opens at the same time as the opening date of the hotel, which was in 1976. This restaurant is known as a restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine.

The menus that are worth trying are robatayaki – the Japanese term for Japanese-style grilled dishes. Besides, you can also enjoy Keyaki Nigiri Sushi, various teppanyaki, teriyaki, Yakiniku, and sukiyaki. Whatever cooking technique that you want, you should try eating this one: black cod fish. The restaurant executive chef, Masami Okamoto, admits that codfish is a favorite in Keyaki. In Japan, said Masami, Cod is just one of the many types of fish Japanese loves to enjoy.

The soft and fatty flesh texture of the fish makes this fish melt in the mouth when eaten. According to Masami, Codfish is usually processed by Japanese people with simmering techniques or cooked in boiling sauce on low heat, similar to the technique of making broth. In addition, codfish is also delicious to grill.

The Tasty Cod Teriyaki Set

The cooking options to process the black cod fish are varied, can be grilled or made as teriyaki. Because you are searching for “teriyaki food near me that delivery, you can choose Cod Teriyaki Set if you like savory sweetness.

Besides Cod Teriyaki Set, you must also try various sushi and sashimi menus in Keyaki. You can try Momo Sashimi Moriawase. As the name implies, Moriawase refers to a plate containing various combinations of dishes in one type of cuisine. In other words, Moriawase Sashimi is a sashimi dish with various combinations of fish available in the restaurant, including salmon, tuna, octopus, and white fish. This dish also uses the original wasabi grater mixture. As we know, original wasabi is a rare ingredient in Indonesia.