The Enchantments Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington

The Enchantments Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington: What You Need to Know

The Enchantments Alpine Lakes

Do you know the enchantments Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington?

Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington is one of the tourist destinations that you must visit in your list. If you visit this place, you will find a very large granite peak, a large mountain, even you can see the clear view of Alpine Lake. Interesting, isn’t it right?

Guide When Visiting The Enchantments of Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington

Who doesn’t want to visit the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington? One of the most visited sites by foreign tourists is in the Northwest. If you want to take a vacation here or just visit this site, you have to take care of the licensing process which is not too easy. This is because the manager of this place or site limits the negative impacts made by tourists and keeps the area clean so that the environment in Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness will be maintained.

Besides, if you intend or want to camp in this place, you can fill out the permit form at the trailhead. When you apply for permission at this place, you are required to enter your top three choices from the 5 camping zones you want to visit and the place must be different.

However, you should not be confused to do this registration process. If you already have permission, you can simply print it and bring it on the road so you will feel calm because you have obtained the permit if you meet with local officials.

The Best Time to Travel in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington

If you have the desire to look the enchantments Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington, I suggest you choose May 15 to October 31. This time is the right time for you to travel. This is because, you will most likely find this area snowing, but you also have to be prepared if a snowstorm. Even so, you can also travel in the fall, because you can see larch trees that will change color in this area. It’s really interesting to visit this site in the fall.


The distance when you have to travel and visit this area from Lake Stuart to Lake Snow is very far, which is about 19 miles. If that is your destination route, you can climb from the Stuart Lake Trailhead or Colchuck Zone to the Snow Lakes Trailhead (Snow Zone) other than you can choose another option in Upper Snow Lake or Colchuck Lake.


Washington’s Alpine Lakes Wilderness has a height of 7841 feet from the trail, 6,500 feet above the Snow Lakes Trailhead, and is 4,400 feet high at Stuart Lake Trailhead. The height of this place is very high, so you have to prepare the necessities or goods if you want to climb in this place.


If you have the desire to camp in the enchantments Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington,You have to try to always obey the rules in this place so that you do not get sanctions that you do not want. Here are some rules when you visit this site.

1. Not allowed to make a campfire, so that fires do not occur in this area.

2. You may only camp at camps that already exist.

3. You must be careful when finding wild animals in this area, even though these animals are goats because goats can be aggressive. So you have to be careful.

4. You are not allowed to feed any animal in this area

5. You are only allowed to use the toilet that has been provided

Food Storage

There are no food storage regulations in this area. However, you must protect your food because you do not know if you will meet with bears in these forests or you will find goats and rats in this place. Even so, do not feed any animals to this place.

Traveling time

To get there, you need about 2.5 hours if you are in Seattle and the travel time from Portland is about 5 hours.


If you want to visit this place, but you are afraid of the lack of water, don’t be confused because this place has a very large supply of water. You will find water on every road you travel.

That is information relating to The Enchantments of Alpine Lakes Wilderness Washington. Have a good vacation.