Understanding 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123

Understanding 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123

Understanding 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123
Understanding 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123

There are not many people know about 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123. What is your idea about it when you hear for the first time? Well, the answer is numerous. Some people might think it as computer related issue. They think it is application or something. Some others already have correct answers for it. This is actually the main address of Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, the United Stated of America. Microsoft is very huge company. It has more than one main office. The address above is located in Redmond. Redmond is one of suburb in Seattle. This location is popularly known as Microsoft campus. People refer Microsoft corporate headquarters as campus of Microsoft.

Other than this address, Microsoft has another headquarter offices in Bellevue and Issaquah. It belongs to Washington area. There is still more headquarter location in North Carolina. It is also headquarter of Microsoft. With this additional office, it proves that Microsoft is truly giant company. 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123 is not the initial place for Microsoft. At first, the main headquarter is built in Bellevue. This one is the origin. Microsoft moves headquarter in last 1985. It is on January for precise. Redmond is chosen to be the location. There are many considerations for this decision. Microsoft prepares it so well. One of factor to move headquarter is traffic congestion. There is a significant increased about it at that time. State Route 520 freeway is the main cause. It was still unfinished. Microsoft contributed on this project at the end.

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The headquarters in 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123 is bigger than the previous one. Microsoft expands it for certain size. There are only about six main buildings at the old office. The overall size was just approximately 30-acres. In the new office at Redmond, the location is wider. There are more buildings. Microsoft is expanding. You can see a pond in Redmond headquarter. It is called Lake Bill. The name is derived from the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. This pond is kind of favorite place for all employees. Many celebrations were conducted here. A successful project like finishing long-product development will give employee party for celebration at this pond. Microsoft treats their employee very well.

Talking about facilities, Microsoft is very well and completed building design. Every building offer people wonderful facility. In the next discussion, we are going to mention you some facilities in Microsoft building as one of gigantic company in the world. Many people are wondering about it. This information tries to answer those wondering minds. Let’s see below for facilities in Microsoft office:

a)     Self-owned transportations

Microsoft has a unique transportation system in the headquarters. There are many buses that operate in all areas. Microsoft campus provides transportation for the whole employees and visitors. Employees can take transport ion vehicle called the connector. This transportation can bring people from Redmond campus to some neighbor areas. The transportations are various. Microsoft manages to provide a hybrid bus, sedan shuttle, commuter and rapid ride B. Those vehicles are able to bring you reaching your destination safely.

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b)     The commons

Like many other companies in general, Microsoft also maintain to serve basic needs for all employees. This is aiming to make them feeling great while working with Microsoft. Comfortable environment is effective for working. To achieve this goal, Microsoft builds some facilities. There are the commons in Redmond Microsoft campus. The commons are variety of shop. Microsoft campus has coffee shop, hair salon, pike place operation, pizza store, music shop and many other shops. All of these shops are available.

c)     Some sport locations

The next facility is sport field locations. Microsoft is giving total service for its employees. There are many different locations to do sport activities. In Redmond campus, sport facilities are completed. The features of recreational are fully designed to use. There is a full soccer field for all soccer players at Microsoft. You can find a basketball field in the office. For some softball lover, Microsoft builds a softball field as well. Last but not least, a beach volley ball court is available for all Redmond campus employees. This 1 Microsoft way Redmond square root 123 is amazing place to work.