Waving Through A Window Chords – Best Apps on Microsoft Store

Waving Through a Window Chords: Find It on the Best Apps on Microsoft Store

Big fan of the musical? Or a regular audience in Broadway? You may be one of the big fans of “Dear Evan Hansen” one of the most popular musical theater that you can still see in Broadway until now. The musical with about two and a half hours of running time are featuring beautiful music and amazing songs. One of the most popular and perhaps one that you love the most is a song called “Waving Through a Window”. 

Personally, if I like one song, not only I will listen to it but I also will try to learn to sing the song. If you play instruments, you probably think it will be great to be able to play the song. Then, you will find yourself trying to find the “waving through a window” chords, to able to play as well as sing the song. But to find the right chords or the easiest version (if it’s me), you need the right app for you. some of the best chord finder apps are available on Microsoft Store, so you need to check them out.

About the song


Before you try to find which chord finder app in Microsoft Store that is right for you to learn “Waving Through a Window” chords in the most effective ways, let us learn more about the song first.

The song has a sad but strong meaning. It is sung by the main character of the theater, Evan Hansen who is an ordinary teenager trying hard to belong. Most of the song is using metaphor to explain how Evan feels inside, how he wants to be seen and belong but he also avoiding most of the social contacts.

The lyrics when he sings to step out of the sun mean that you should avoid social interactions if you keep getting burned or here, it means if you keep getting hurt in any way.  

The song explains more about how he does not fit in, he wants to be more than he always is, does not belong and being ignored. We can see in the lyrics mentioning that he taps on the glass and waving through the windows. He feels like no one can see him and notice him. He is lonely as no one ignores him. Glass, symbolize reflection that he is looking at his own reflection and nobody but him acknowledging himself. 

The musical shows how Evan struggle so much fights his loneliness because of not belonging. This is shown that he even trying to suicide which in result broke his arm. He feels how he has no worth, in the song metaphorically stated like a crashing tree in the forest. It is as if he has no sound.

The song is a very deep and emotional song that tries to show how the main character really feels inside.

Which app to choose in Microsoft Store?

There are many apps in Microsoft Store to choose for you who trying to find “waving through a window” chords, here are some of them:

1. Songo Chord finder

This free app is not just a chord finder, it can do more. You can write songs and find the chord progressions simply by grouping the chords from the same key. You can create songs in twelve keys, transpose music and many more. You don’t have to have much knowledge about music to create your songs.

2. Piano Companion

This app will help you to find a chord or a scale by the name. When you do not remember both the scale and the chord, it will help you find it with the help of the keys. Piano Companion will not only show you chords, but also scale notes, fingering, and the degrees. For you who are still learning how to play the song with piano, this app will certainly a big help.

3. Chord Training

This app will help you to play chord symbols.

4. Guitarist’s Reference

This is a one-stop app for a guitar player or guitar learner. You can almost find everything you need here not only “waving through a window” chords but many more. From guitar chords, progressions, triads, scales, alternate guitar tunings, etc.

All of the apps you can get while you are signed in to Microsoft account and can be installed on up to 10 devices with Windows 10.