What Fruits Diabetics Should Not Eat

What Fruits Diabetics Should Not Eat

Diabetics Curb Eating Habits: What Fruits Diabetics Should Not Eat

The need of carbohydrates is crucial since it plays the vital role in helping the body to provide the energy. With the help of insulin, all the energy produced from the metabolism system will work the best to do daily activity. In certain condition, some people fail to produce or do not use insulin properly so that it leads to diabetes. Since diabetes is thought to be one of the chronic diseases with serious complications, you have to curb eating habits including understanding what fruits diabetics should not eat.

We all know that whole fruit is the best source for fiber and any other micro nutrients, but not all fruits have low glycemic index that safely can be consumed by the diabetics. The limited knowledge on fruits with low-GI cause the problems among the diabetics since the questions about what fruits diabetics should not eat remains untold.


What fruits diabetics should not eat to control the blood sugar in body

  • Watermelon

In dealing with what fruits diabetics should not eat, the consumption of watermelon should be taken into consideration due to its high glycemic index. When you consume a wedge of watermelon, it is equivalent with one exchange of carbs and it is still safe to be enjoyed. In some cases, people consume more than one wedge that this may lead to high blood sugar in the body. So, just make sure to eat in moderate, since water melon is the best source of lycopene that decrease the risk of cancers and heart disease.

  • Durian

Broadly known as The King of Fruit throughout Southeast Asia, durian always successfully draws the attention among the fruit-lovers with its additive taste that leads to overeating. Even though durians contain of low GI, they are supposed to have high sugar that diabetics should take into account about this nutrition facts. With the respect of what fruits diabetics should not eat, you still have to consume durian in moderation.

  • Banana

In line with what fruits diabetics should not eat, according to a Los Angeles endocrinologist, Cathy Doria-Medina, M.D, it is said that melons, banana, stone fruits like nectarines and peaches have high sugar, so the consumption of these fruits should be limited in portion. When you eat excessively in number, there will be a possibility of your blood sugar to spike more than other fruits. But, if you consume only small banana for snacking, it is a kind of good idea to cater your carbs daily requirements.

  • Breadfruit

Livestrong has reported that the endemic fruits from South Pacific named as breadfruit contains of 60 grams of carbohydrate. Besides, this high protein content is also thought to be the best solution for the hungry populations in the tropical area who suffer from lacking protein. Unfortunately, when it comes to what fruits diabetics should not eat, breadfruit is the worst fruit to consume among the diabetics. The problem is due to the rich starch that will be converted into sugar when the fruits turn ripe.

Being asked with what fruits diabetics should not eat, it can be said that there is no the best and the worst fruits for diabetics, since all fruits are healthful and contain many beneficial nutrients. But, the problem lies on the portion of fruits you consume per day to meet its requirement. To avoid from the chronic complications of diabetes, you have to eat the fruits in moderate and do not try to overeat those mentioned fruits.